Saturday, April 14, 2012

God! Is There???

So many things are there in the world/universe, we do not know. Just assume, presume, have been taught or follow blindly. This god is one of them! ohk! My english critics, i am again wrong. It must be God but why? iS not  it somewhat like i.. oh! I! lEAVE IT! fORGET IT! i WILL WRITE THE way i like.. ohk! I will improve (in next sem.);) 

It's not that i never ever believed in god. I have been taught by birth that there is something, something known as god. But with time realized that it's nothing but faith cum fear. Whenever something bad happened, this or that person told me rather gave me the fear of god that you do not believe in him/her/whatever that's why it happened! If it's so then why so many bad things happen to people who worship him day and night?? Oh! Karma! Right?? Oops! Blind follower?? No? Someone told you so. No?? Well, simple by birth you have been conditioned like this and if you are feeling better by having a faith on any other thing than yourself, then simple have! I believe in having that faith on myself, most of the times. And when felt really too weak then that faith switch to blessings or try to remember the people who are good to me. At the same time try to forget the people who are/were not so good to me. Yeah! On some rare occasions, i went to those stones, abused them and felt better. Now depends, may be from different people, on different times, he (He) likes to listen different kinda prayers. No?? Here also gender matters i guess as i never ever abused any goddess!! Lolz here do gender exists!! I never heard about any transgender god! Why?? Mayaavi nagri hai inki bhi!! Saala, yahan bhi discrimination! We believe in everything as per our own comfort, nothing more! May be somewhat like taste buds can be developed overtime for this or that!

Sorry! This saala seems stuck with mah tongue.. ;) 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Killer Weather, Killer Mood and The Killer "V-Spirit"!!

Its raining.. Killer weather and Killer Mood!!
The Killer "V-Spirit" is with me!! 

Some things never change! Never Ever! Do not know why i loved this pic so much years back and wrote below it, That's the spirit "V-Spirit"! And i am in love with it time and again and again!! People who are fearless by birth can only be like that. Whenever i feel low, i do not look towards some god/goddess/stones/temples but within myself and blessings. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Thank U.. ;)

You people were always there in all thick and thin else this road had been too rough to cross over. Thanks friends (gals especially)! When people judged, talked, preached, rebuked, rebuffed, tried to derail me from the track, tried to cut my wings.. You people were always there as a solid rock to support, be it professional or personal front.. You people were/are/will be an integral part of me! On times, as a friend.. on times, as a guide.. I am grateful to have you and wonder on times, what life had been without you? Directly or indirectly, you people taught me how to live life to the fullest amid all roadblocks and kick and smile on them ;)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Miss You Granpa..

Gals love that "father-figure" (Father, granpa, whoever) for a reason as the unadulterated love, protection and support they get from him through life, cannot from elsewhere! They know in bad times where to look. The person may not be there for you throughout life, but still "that presence" somewhere gives you throughout life, a direction and moral support! Miss you granpa! On times, i really miss you like hell!! I know, your blessings and you are always there nearby me but on times, do not know why still i miss you like hell!!

                                                                    Source: Internet

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Two sides of the same coin

There is difference between:

Curious and concerned
Caring and interfering
To know and peep through
Friends and acquaintance
Toxic relations and Enemies
Lovers and Stalkers
Relations and Toxic agents
Love and lust 
Just like day and night
Two sides of the same coin??

Daring and enduring
Patient and Dumb
Restless and Calm
Guide and Dictator
Boss and Leader
Leading and Following
Talker and walker
Preacher and Teacher
Thinker and kinker
and it goes on.......

Monday, January 16, 2012

It's just our way of looking at things..

I could not ever understand why people always say..
"Fallen in love"?? Why cannot rise?
How love can be anyone's weakness??
Why cannot they make it their strength??
How the one whom s/he loves can be at blame for their failures?
Why cannot they win for the sake of that one??

At least i never said that and for sure would not ever!!
Say either i am too lucky or that's my way..
People always complained..
Why i never ever blamed that person who screwed my life!!
But i wondered if really he screwed my life or made it!!

It's just our way of looking at things that work wonders!!
And i think it's we who screw or make our life
In failures, look around for someone to be a scapegoat!!
And in victory wanna  give all credit to self!!
The fall and rise lie in our mind, all other are mere excuses!!
As winners always come with results and losers only blame games!!