Friday, December 20, 2013

Home of The Northern Lights!!

Home of Northern lights, le gayi kab Southern flights
Hamen toh pata na chala!
Shukar ghumaane walon ka 
("......Ghuma diya na..")...... Bhugtoge!!
You know (Man proposes, God disposes!)

Ye Jatland se Jutland ka rasta jo itana pass la khada kiya!!
("...Ab nayay karoonga main!..")
Humne "sune" charche ki ghum rahe the aaspass hi kahin (Uni.)..
Kuchh logon ne "suna" bacha liya (Raaj)!!
Jatgiri? Dadagiri?? Ya illigal Kalakari/Kalah-Kari!!

Lo! Aur Ghumo!!
Darwin, genes, genetics seem passe
Come to new as
Abhi toh bahut ghumayi baaki hai..
From Signatures of life to ".........Marci Marci"
Aah! 2014!!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Culture of Vultures!!

गली से गुजरे लड़की कोई, तो सिटी बजाओ मजाक उडाओ
कभी सीधी तो कभी उल्टी-सीधी भाषा में गाली देकर
कॉमेंटरी कर हाहाकार करो, ठहाके लगाओ, खिल्ली उडाओ
ये है शायद अनपढ़-गवाँरो की भाषा
मगर जताओ रोब फिर भी और बोलो संस्कारी हैं हम!!

कुछ अक्सर पढ़कर ऐसे ही संस्करियों के
रहण-सहन के तरीके, भाषा-परिभाषा बदल जाते हैं
मगर सलीका रहता है वही, मिले मौका जहां कहीं
कसते चलो तुम फबत्तियों पे फबत्तीया
बड़ा मज़ा आ रहा है न, देखो फिर भी संस्कारी हैं हम!!

जितने अक्सर जयादा पढ़े, जितने बड़े ये कहलाये
ऐसी कल्चर वालों ने, उतने ही जटिल और गुंथे हुये
तरीके अपनाये  इस हाहाकारी के
बस ख्याल रखो इतना, रह ना जाये दांव-पेंच ढीला कोई 
और उठने ना पाये, उंगली कहीं इधर-उधर से!!

फिर मतलब इन्हे इससे क्या
ऋण्दन कहाँ हुआ, कृन्दन कहाँ-कहाँ हुआ
इनकी इस दो धारी तलवार ने
क तरफ जहां घर से बाहर प्रहार किया
वहीं दूसरी तरफ खुद के कुछ रिस्तों को तार-तार किया!!

वो बोलें या ना बोलें
चाहे संबल बन फिर भी साथ इनके डटें रहे
फिर भी सुना ऋण्दन कितनो ने ही, उस गहरी-सी खमोसी में भी
क्योंकि ना जाने क्या-क्या लगा दिया दांव पर 
इनकी इस कल्चर ने!!

अगर इसी को कल्चर कहते हैं
तो मैं उसे कल्चर ऑफ वल्चर्स कहूँगी!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Human O' Human!

कहानियाँ कल भी बनती थी
कहानियाँ आज भी बनती हैं
घटनाये और दुर्घटनाए
दोनो ही कल भी घटती थी
और वो आज भी घटती हैं
लोग ऐसे और वैसे कल भी थे
और वो आज भी हैं!

वक़्त के साथ फर्क शायद इतना ही है
कल घर की बातें घर में ही होती थी
और सुलझे हुये लोग उन्हे मिल-बैठकार
घर में ही सुलझाते थे
मगर फिर भी कुछ कानफूस-लोग
मिर्च-मसाला लगाकर उन्हे बतंगड
कल भी बनाते थे, और आज भी बनाते हैं!

आज भी शायद वो सभी टाइप हैं
उलझाने वाली भी और सुलझाने वाली भी
तोड़-मरोड़-जोड़ कर अट्टहास करने वाली भी
और साज-संभाल कर मिठास लाने वाली भी!
हाँ! जो कल था, वो आज भी है
दुनिया ऐसी और वैसी कल भी थी, आज भी है
इंसान जैसे कल थे, वैसे ही आज भी हैं!!

Chemical Party!!

For people who is missing fun part on my blog. Here it goes from my friend:

Son: Papa don't behave like a kid!
Father: Beta don't you know nearby 60s some people start feeling again like kids.
But an experienced kid who act and react a bit different way!
Son: Oh! Menopause Effect!
Father: Nooo! Till now i do not know about that effect.
But yeah! People call that "Shattiya gaya budda" and i say back "Budda hoga tera baap"!!

*Bad Joke! Ohk! No Hard Feelings.. Haan!

There is another joke about new terms we came to know recently about human anatomy.. Saala, humane anatomy main pahle toh ye terms kabhi ni padi yaar.. Oh! come on.. Tu bhi na, may be they belong to the above joke category people!! Will talk about them sometime later..

Human interactions, actions, reactions, relations are work  of chemicals. Suna hai and also read about that lil bit here and there!
These European people are too much but still rational and i think know well how to teach.
Check out their Chemical party:

For people who could not understand some philosophy and some people even after so much snooping.. Well, Noble gases Don't Bond!! They live in their own small world!!

* Thanks for the not so good joke and reminding me about this old video gal! Waiting for another "joke"..
Note: People who did not watch the stalking and defamation drama on Mr. Rajbir Deswal's wall cannot understand this post.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

We were not Born to Follow

When Life is A Sweet Dream to Cherish n Strive For..

Change Is Inevitable!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ignorance Is Bliss???

Really??? May be that's why so many ignorants are happy and smiling on someone else like fools (like their own daughters, sisters, wives or they themselves are safe from all this shit!) or a few not so ignorants are either too laid off kinda or who cares type creatures or some may be even cowards!!

People can go to any extent to declare you mad, bad or whatever suit them in some particular situation (Misuse of this and that technology and power)! PRISM, reflectors and refractors or so many other names gadgets/technical helps are there to see through the mirror, not self but distant objects like making so called choti/pony tail and then hanging that in front of so-called truck's mirror!....... so many coincidences again! Then there may be lynx-eyed creatures sensing, observing, scribbling, venting or writing their own rhythms of life, doing piter-patter (and then someone uploading some pic), discussing or smiling on human's endeavours to conquer the tough, know the unknown, reach the hidden or may be thinking on times if the fruit of this knowledge is worth your time and energy, where so many so-called honest people are just too dishonest and crazy? Or ordinary people or so-called aam-adami at least need to know that how we are living in a naked world on the name of security! But then some people may be right, who have their own reservations in this matter especially in India's context where more than half population do not even know the meaning of a respectable life and social security and what the hell i am talking, human/civil and privacy rights!! If really wanna feel like to talk and take part in all this bullshit then move to your dreamland rather than wasting your life in this hell or when in the Rome, do like the Romans do..... Just be ignorant!!! grrr
Or better still people like me should believe in and strive for Rabindranath Tagore's: Where The Mind Is Without Fear........!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Protector Or Predator???

Mere Coincidences!!!
Mr. Rajbir Deswal's Post
"Thus spake the Lord: Chitragupt go, send group SMSs, send group emails, use internet. Akashwani is passe. Even telegrams have lived thier life. Tweet. Hark! Ho! Create a Facebook page. Sawa-rupya—Oh no!Hey, all transactions in Dollars. Yamraj, are there any hackers out there? Indra, how many fake IDs have you created Dear? Narad, downolad some jazz tunes and put aside that veena! 
O’ Deva! What is happening here!"

(What I did that day) Sent a message to this wing man on FB after few years just to ask what the heck was going on? And i am still wondering what the heck is going on!
Wonder, if police is unable even to cross check such simple things???

19 Sept. I got a call in the morning but there was no number rather it was written on screen “Unknown No.”
The same day Mr. Rajbir Deswal's post just after some time: 
"Arre! You have not saved in your phone My, Myy, Myyy Myyyy (Echo Effect) No."

Sept. 2, 13 Mr. Rajbir Deswal's Post:
"Muchhon pe taanv dena tadi hai ya..........."

A day before my bro and bhabhi were there at my place and we were pulling his legs that he was looking so bad in that moustache look but he was doing this act of Muchho pe taanv dena!

Sept 6, 13 Mr. Rajbir Deswal's Post:
"Unlike me there may be many like confused?......... Put a comma.........."

I wrote a post on my blog but kept it as draft and put a comma at some place then removed then again put it there!!

Sept 9, 13: Mr. Rajbir Deswal's Post:

If someone can dare to ask some question???

Mr. Rajbir Deswal's Post:
"Hurry hurry as if it was not enough to up the ante"

I wrote on my FB wall about some action.. 

Mr. Rajbir Deswal's Post: " ....Mom expired come soon............" (It was last telegram day)

Mom called in the early hours but i could not pick the call as cell was on silence and i was sleeping.. checked the missed call only around 10.00am and got perplexed. 

I was too tensed due to some prob, had headache and felt restless, so called my cousin late night just to tell "wanna come home right now" and these people had to come to my place in the night itself..

Mr. Rajbir Deswal's Post next day:
"Prabhu, maine ak hi tarah ki baarisho ki baat ni ki thi.. suno fir se.. some video link Baarishen girti rahi.........."

There was laptop distribution to faculty in my department by VC. I denied to accept by saying I already have two personal laptops and one official desktop. I need Bioinfo. lab for students:
Check Mr. Rajbir Deswal's Post:

Forgot someone’s bday and called to wish belated..
Mr. Rajbir Deswal's Post: "Cousin, belated bday wish and now we do not mind.........."

I was at my cousin's home for dinner.. i asked butter and she said malayi hai.. you like that..
Mr. Rajbir Deswal's Post: "Kisi ko malayi achhi lagti hai, kisi ko ni ismain itana dahi bilone wali kya baat hai??"

Bhai main hoon na.. on some cousin

Mr. Rajbir Deswal's Post: "Gandhi se compare karna thik nahi, haan bandaron se kar sakte ho.. naah ji mere friends bhi atulniye hain!!"
I was talking that day about some person with a friend whom people used to call Gandhi..

I was talking about some pregnancy related prob of someone in the family with a gynecologist friend..
Mr. Rajbir Deswal's Post: "Oh madam Sorry! Women stronger than man!....."

Day by day two to three coincidences!! 
Not just this but
After some indecent posts about some dress i was wearing at home.. my friends and google advise was even though you are not using your phone or laptop camera but someone can misuse that sitting far away so either remove that hardware or paste black tape.. i did but after that an article..

Not just this but
There was a post even on Cee Pee.. 
While i was in the washroom mobile was there in my pocket!
Now how can a gal prove such things??

Not just this...
Should i go on?? Or some people have already started feeling some disgust??

Lo G come to a bit better one: I was talking with mom about the expecting baby in the family
and there was a post:

This lady wrote on many other such topics also, which matched my day by day happenngs or calls.

India, Pakistan, pilot, jahaaj, helicopter, dungaree, moon, star, sun, pole star and blah, blah, blah Jodha-Akbar, Salim-Anarkali so and and so many posts!!

A group is sharing my day by day happenings/mis-happenings and then dissecting, analyzing and writing on public platform that is FB, their own analysis/prejudices in their own language/words! 

And how confirmation came that yes, i am writing on your day by day happenings, do whatever you can! After seeing that day by day commentary, i felt frustrated and wrote on my wall (only for friends zone), dare you write directly. And.....
I was talking to my friend who was planning to come to India for some get together. She asked me some suggestions for a small trip nearby Delhi for her English friend and if i can accompany these people. I advised golden triangle..
Next post was Bahadurgarh ka bomb (My friend is from there, means even friends FB space has been snooped!), Delhi se nikali gaddi.... blah! blah! blah!.........
So much is there that if i keep on writing then can go on and on!

Such a unique gal na (or some don??) or some other special interest/s?? 
V, V karte karte kahin khud ko hi pahchanna na bhul jaao!!

Jodha-Akbar pe toh special post banti hai! As there is some Raj in that!! May be sometime later!! 

Sunday, December 1, 2013


From a too private person to public zone.. Yes! Finally!!
I did not wanna come and talk about it publicly but i have been forced to speak out, my own story, which some people projected and still trying to project the worst way they can!! Just to save their own faces!! The question and problem was just one: Snooping, snooping and snooping!
I raised this question to the person who is doing all this but in vain!

Again same question:
If Indian government has given so much right/s to police officials at top level that they can snoop anyone and if yes then in what conditions and how long??
Not just that but can even talk about that person the worst way with all added mirch-masalas on some public website, that is FB? Just to defame and belittle that person???
Why? As this gal dared to tell this official that you have no right to behave that way.
Resultant: High headedness and worst kinda personal attacks!

People who wanna know a bit more, please check out this link:

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Some gals have not been taught to be crying baby..

On Backfoot So Early!! Cannot believe!! 
Talk more shit! Keep on snooping! With time you will get even better results!!
Since more than a year this sick drama was going on!! So some so called sensible people felt disgust?? Did not anyone feel any disgust that what the hell this man was writing since last more than a year and doing in the form of snooping like hell, a 24hr shadow!! Rather these very people were enjoying kya???
Some gals have not been taught to be crying baby but deal with the situation. 
Just like this:

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Venturing Out..

V: (Some kinda warning) ki patte khol rahe hain boss??
Well man, i think till now so many people already know that what you know and how!! Now lemme tell so many others also that how government people are misusing (oops! using) surveillance technology!
With the help of laptop, phone, cameras, internet and so many CCTVs here and there, so many people are watching people even in their homes, bedrooms and some even writing all that in their posts (just to harass people)! What people are eating and wearing. Where they are going. What are the happenings/mis happenings in their life and writing them with their own analysis and added effects!! 

Aug. 3, 13
"Having wings is one thing but having a bird's eye view perching on the tallest tree-branch is another."

Aug 6, 13
"Ak kaneez ki aarju- chhoti ya badi lekin baadshahat ko chunnoti"

V: Wonder! If most people sitting on so and so chairs think like that?? I mean apne aap ko baadshah aur public ko kaneez??? But why it's so that if its someone else then support, what about self?? Mirror please.

Aug. 6, 13
......Mazak udaana ho toh........ "Khub ho miyan, ped bo-bo ke aam khate ho!"

Kabhi Daunsh Toh Kabhi Haush!!

Saach ko Aanch kya??
Dhoodh ka Dhoodh Aur Paani ka Paani Hone Do!!

"Subah Ki Kirno Ko Rokein Jo Salaakhein Hai Kahan???
Jo Khayalon Pe Pehre Daale Woh Aankhein Hai Kahan???"

Kya mila itani khaak chhan ke?? and i know abhi bhi lage pade ho "haath dho ke"!! 
(From calls to internet surfing, writings, social sites, mails to hidden eyes!)
Baba ji ka Thullu ??? 
(Not my language)
Rather its known as Tera juta tera seer!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Question-Answer Series (2)

How do you know this person?
Well just listened a poem in some official program. Then heard about honesty and blah blah blah from someone. So added in FB list just out of that impression i guess, though i add unknown people rarely to my list. For someone like me, in a corrupt world, honesty catch attention easily i think! Just after some time started feeling like something was wrong somewhere especially after reading some posts.

Kabhi kabhi impression aapko depression main pahuncha deta hai! Suna hai! And seems true!! 
Depression Huhhh! May be sometime impression try to impose suppression which some people cannot tolerate.

When did you realize about this snooping?
After 2-3 months, i shared my concerns with some of my friends and we started checking his posts frequently to know the truth. Many times, it happened that whatever i wrote on FB only for my restricted friend circle but indirectly found commentary in his posts with manipulated mirch-masala. With time, we also realized that same is true even about calls. Meanwhile, some of his rude and indecent indirect posts made me to delete him from my list.

You meant to say it was not just snooping but even some kinda actions and reactions on that?
Yes! Not once but many times. The more i read that zone, the more i felt offended as it was kinda you talked something with your friends, family, relatives or even colleagues and you found something related there in his posts in this or that form. At one point i felt so bad and lost all my patience that i wrote even a post titled CID ("Criminal in Disguise " (here).

It's only your experience or even someone else in your surrounding experienced the same.
Well, i know about a few who talked about the same but ignored due to fears. 

What type of fear?
Who the hell gonna take the risk to offend someone in that position was the instant response! On that how can we prove that? Some people even advised me to ignore, stop using this or that social sites. 

So you did not try that?
Well, Indian gals apply all this ignorance kinda attitude here, there and just anywhere. They learn this too instinctively from surrounding i guess by birth. So i did but as always with a big question mark.. Why??? Why me?? That person must stop! On that many of my friends were not so happy with that cowardice kinda act of deleting my own profile due to someone else. So after sometime i made another profile.

Was there any change after that?
No! One after other this person kept on dragging this or that issue out of here, there or just from nowhere! Sometime acting as a charmer but most of the time bossy-dictator, sometimes kinda guide, mentor and protector but sometimes kinda predator, sometimes kinda psycho, so many types and variations are there!! But one thing is constant, that is continuous snooping and all type of commentary in this or that form. I even asked once directly from him some question related to this surveillance technology and its misuse but the reply was kinda main point of the question was ignored! May be someone else can get some reply. The new thing is many in his circle who are now part of commentary, be it positive or negative, know well what they are doing and what is going on there! That can only be the culture of vultures, i guess!!

It seems a clear case of stalking, cyber bulling, defaming and misuse of power. Can you give some example/s or exactly those posts, your calls or if there is something else to share?
Yes! Not one instance but my diary is full with day by day happenings. May be in some other post i will write those "coincidences" with the questionmark/s for that person to answer!
Thanks for all your support guys!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Question-Answer Series (1)

What is the difference between a child and an adult and mature person?
Child means innocent. He does not have that much bhejha to fry (I feel). An adult means adulterous (Suna hai). And mature person means Kameena (Experienced talk)! The more mature means the more kameena, can manipulate things easily and much better and complex ways!
Its again evolution i think from simple to complex! Oops!! My obsession with evolution! Log bhi Darwin-Darwin pukaarne lage ;)

Ye haath ki safaayi kahan se aa rahi hai?? From too blunt and straight forward person to.... Haan?
I have been taught by someone big expert and his team in this field recently. So see the difference in such a short span of time! You see teaching and teachers matter a lot especially practical training/teaching methods! Who the hell said i do not have results. I never ever believed in certificates you know but only learning and applying that learning practically and its impact. Check out the difference from CID (Archived) to recent updates! From only to me posts to friends posts!! May be, may come to public posts also on that social platform though too difficult task as i am too reserved person at that front! 

What do you think about this expert's work in this field?
Hmmm i think this person is doing good social work kinda Snowden acted/acting as a whistle blower (pun intended especially for the people who love it more and use frequently)!! On that he and his team is a good care taker! Kinda this:
Seems so much similarities are there! No??? Yeah! Some things have even crossed their care taking skills!

What is this obsession with sun, aurora and northern lights??
The people who know me know well my love for nature and its phenomenon. My Love for freedom, travelling and Nordic region. The way i search and go single minded for my plans/trips/work etc without caring about the outcome. I think same way i wrote before going to USA and Moscow. People who read especially at USA time can tell that even more obsessed i was at that time. Its my way of planning things and keeping mind on track! Check out the latest update:
If some people (wo bhi totally stranger) can make/see northern lights as southern, aurora as Aura and aura-ra-ra and sun to something else then i think its their obsession about my blog, my writings, my interests, my life and me (???)!

What was the last movie you watched?
Watched "Boss" in "Raj-Mandir" in Jaipur while i was on an official trip with students!

Thank you for your patience! Series will continue.. Have A Nice Weekend!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Vultures of Our Culture!!

भेड़ियों के बीहड़ में  कितनी ही बार
इंसानी सूरत वाले दरिंदों का अवतार देखा है
ज्‍यादातर इन संस्कृति के ठेकेदारों को हमने
ठेकेदारी की आड़ में कितनी ही बार
जिन मर्यादाओं का शेहरा ये बांधे फिरते हैं
उन्ही मर्यादाओं को लांघते, रोंदते देखा है!

संस्कृति जैसे इनके एक्लौते बाप की जागीर हो
जस-से-तस् ना होना स्वरूप हो उसका
खड़ा पानी हो जैसे वो सदियों से नाले का
फिर क्यूं इनके रेत-से-किल्लों (?) को
कभी इसको, कभी उसको धवस्त करते सुना है
सात बार दिल्ली को उखड़ते-बस्ते सुना है!

इन कबीलाइओं को कंगारू कोर्ट्स बनाकर
अफगानिस्तानी तालिबान की तरज पे
कभी रिश्तों की धजियां सरेआम उड़ाते
तो कभी बिन सर-पर के फतवे निकालते
बहुत कुछ तार-तार करते देखा है
और कभी तो खून से भी लथपथ सना देखा है!!

Off late started reading lil-bit about evolution of cultures. Yes! Along with humans's origin, migration, inflow and outflow of genes and their impact on human's health and lifestyle in different regions of world with special emphasis on Northern India. Such an interesting world of human's survival and reigning of this planet. Even more interesting aspect is the answers to some of my own questions! May be in some other post.