Thursday, December 25, 2014

Kinda Absolute Power!!

"Critics say India was already on the road to creating a Big Brother state, long before anyone had heard of Edward Snowden.
Their biggest concern is a secret mass-surveillance project the government has reportedly been building for the past few years. The Central Monitoring System (CMS) is supposed to give security agencies the ability to listen or record all communications nationwide and track individuals, in real time - like some of the US programmes that have been revealed.
If the few details that have emerged are correct, Indian cyber-spies would have even more freedom, bypassing internet and telecom companies and tapping straight into the cables and servers carrying the traffic."
Read Details here

Well, no doubt about those sources, experience says these people already have all these powers even to misuse!

शराफत (DECENCY)

Same Day Post :

Again just another coincidence you know, like more than hundreds or even above thousand of coincidences since 2012!!

I just wrote in my diary or typed as i did not know till that time that only screenshots can be helpful in case the person delete his posts.. And did not even know that person/s who was/were doing all that publicly could be even so coward that would delete all those posts and then would deny even about their existence!!

I wonder, if i will ever be able to provide proofs of many of so called adventures of these people, (not just in mine but people's homes!) but sure time will. I had lil-bit doubt about those so called adventures but with time realized "sickness-mess" was beyond my imagination!! 

These people are not just able to use your mobile's microphone without your permission but your whole mobile is kinda their private property, if a charged battery is there in it. They can handle and use its camera also for taking pics and even making video! Oh yeah, include in that spying list your laptop and PCs also! On that, all this is happening at mass scale. Then why no talk about that in Indian media? India has already spent billions to improve and prepare for cyberwar race but without any care or concern about the abuse of those technologies. Search about cyber experts especially in India to help at that front and so little is there. Indian judiciary kinda mocked and has been totally oversighted. And what the heck is this privacy and human rights in this age of cyber attacks and cyber race? Feel at peace and comfortable in your skin and look at world with totally different eyes. 

Ab ye kaun se niyam-kanoono ki baat ho rahi hai, only if people can tell the truth and not lies..

This much?? No! Mess is beyond that.. Almost one and half year, i was hooked to some profiles (I have already mentioned, "almost" all those names in my complaint) and these people's bakwaas. All that compelled me to read more and more about surveillance technology and check these people's profiles kinda religiously. Though, i did not belong to this field but somewhere a curious creature, some inner voice, a concerned citizen within, inspired me to take the risk. During those initial days, i did not even know, what kinda risk was that? With time realized that so many things, we call scifi till today are no-more scifi but has already become a reality.
A simple question, this curious creature asked to that IG (my stalker), who has also enjoyed the position of IG, CID, Haryana in the past ...
Excuse English blunders please, already has been bashed for that many times by some. There will be one post even on that "Interdisciplinary Talk!", where people tried to teach me English and tried to write or make their own "khichari" on my subjects; Biology, Genetics, Evolution, Genealogy, Darwin, DNA drones and blah, blah, blah...

This post will be followed by some more posts related to stalking and then sting-operation and stingrays.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Research Topic

My research topic "A naked game of surveillance tech":

Big question indeed especially about the naked game of so called surveillance-tech!
And that question is not just about me but about all of us, if i am not wrong.

"Do not feel bad gal, you are not alone. This feel factor is just about ignorance and awareness about the world, we are living today."

I wonder, if these words were just to give lil-bit solace to the hatred, disgust, rage and the way i was feeling (rather still feeling) about that so called awareness! Some of those so called technical aspects, i have experienced myself. Well, i hope and wish that i would be able to express all that in  "A naked game of surveillance tech"...

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Misuse of Surveillance Tech. and Musical Notes

I listened to some songs online, my search history can give all those details. And this person Mr. Rajbir Deswal wrote so much about all that. 
He drummed musical instrumental posts on so many such songs, i watched/listened online. Now all those posts has already been deleted or kept private by him. Most of these songs have not been posted online by me. I just watched or listened to them in my home. These people even wrote at what second i reversed some song and listened how many times! Now gals/people need to take permission from these cheap and sick creatures even for listening or watching songs in our own homes? So many posts on ".....cone.....", ".....banana.......", "......drums and instruments....", "kiske liye sune ja rahe hain itane soulful songs", "........western disturbances.....", "....missing someone....?" and day by day list is just too long! 
Now all those posts either have been deleted or kept private by these people! Just few songs:

It was kinda caged in own home. These people tried their best to frame and present the way they felt like to present things, situations. If I had any interaction with someone or if had any interest somewhere, this person used his filthiest language. Wherever i went officially or unofficially, even home, these people wrote about that. WHY? 

Something i posted on my FB or blog:

And there was a post "...missing....." by Mr. Rajbir Deswal's 

And click (Here)

Mr. Rajbir Deswal's posts Fuuuuur... (post has already been deleted by this person)

Mr. Neeraj Bali's commentary...   ".....haathi, ghode.........."

A gal who defied their dictates, listened to and wrote whatever she felt like and went wherever she should had been. On that has own kinda circle of people who defy such dictates. How that could be tolerable in a land where such sick people feel that gals are better confined to home boundary? A gal who is unwilling even in her 30s to live or marry on others terms and conditions. Such gal could only be branded not so social, not so docile and witch-hunted! Such people even try to keep such gals "The Other" and if that does not happen.. Face the music! Oh Yeah! Such sants do have some image and a following! A land of bloody hypocrites and on that shamelessly cowardice people!!

By chance some screenshot/s i have with me
One of them, a bit recent one  

Click the link (here)

Now why the hell someone wanna cope with someone's musical notes and what the hell these clouds to do with that?

Now check what he could cope:
I was searching for some lyrics.. beach party and few other songs and this cop-ing men came with this Sept. Venturing out post (Again post has been deleted or kept private!):

Wondered, about the type and choice of songs selection (from such a large variety, i used to listen) this person felt like to write? 

Question is not musical notes or who listens what and post what but tax payers money, high tech cops with surveillance tech. sitting at some high position and chasing/snooping/stalking gals, people 24hr. They are abusing their power/status and playing with privacy and human rights violations. 
Interesting, common public does not know ABCDs about any such tech existence. Second, people do not know that, that tech exists due to their own money. Third what the heck these people are doing with that?

Police can get my search history and this person (Rather these persons, whose names i have written in my complain) FB posts. Oh yeah, even articles! I will write in some other post.
I had even requested for the same to then DIG/SSP. But no such request and procedure was taken care off. What i felt during this so called investigation time-period is that police officers knew well, what the heck happened and how. Neither they could accept nor could go ahead with the proper investigation and denied even about the knowledge of any such technology!
I had even requested to check all those people's FB posts, search history, blogs, twitter and overall electronic trail (including mine) to get the actual picture of this drama. It would be too difficult in such a crime for a victim even to explain all (whatever actually happened), forget the proofs!  
It did not stop here. Worse is still to write. These people watched me not just in office, on road and outside home wherever i was but even in my home and wrote about that. These people even threatened me with the consequences if all that become public. They even ridiculed what a life i would have then! And my near and dear ones feared most about that "A naked game of surveillance tech".... My next post.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Totally new ways of torture popped up!!

And see those means in sync with self respect!

Flipcart Helicopter!

Again there was some pop up on and here new opportunities of sharing of news were popping up!

I made a video of my niece where both of us were smiling. Her name is pearl
That video is with me. Same day post:

I had some arguments with someone and some word was used during that talk many times "Ahsaanfaramosh"
Next day post:

I was officially on leave, official record is there and there was a post from this same person! Just to tell you did whatever you could! See, still we are stalking you, snooping you and watching you! 
I searched about these hummingbird drones Check Mr. Rajbir Deswal's Post and commentary:

Ye haalat wahan hain where you had not met or talked with the guy since years. Where you wrote publicaly in blog totally opposite but these people wrote everything with twisted mirch masaala! But why they did that?
And even if can be believed whatever they tried to represent and showed to public, do they have this right to snoop and stalk a gal like that? Can anyone write on such personal issues from past or present like they did? If their purpose was just this angle then what the heck to do with so many other aspects?
More will come in some more posts!

Yes!Ladki Kameeni Nikali!!

Check comments zone also:

When i was busy in taking screenshots, whatever was left in public zone.. 


Read post and read comment

Wonder if this hitech can be given/taught to Prem Chopra then will he read people's 4-5 years old private blogs, mails, FB posts, surfing history! I guess he can only listen girls calls but itti boring calls sunke wo bechara karega kya use to poetry aati na so called artcles likhna! Sickness!

People do talk about vibrant democracy and human rights! 
Bloody Hypocrites!!

Oh! Sethi shahab suna hai 2-2 daughters bhi hain aapki to! 
Just one day try to play this dirty sickness publicaly about them!!
Maine suna aap chemicals ke baare main bada achha likhte hain!
Same chemicals/compounds those gals do have!! (Sorry Gals!)

My post:

And you know just coincidence!

My blog post (here) and check the post below:

Maar di?? 
Ab bhugtane ki tayairi shuru karen boss!!

Read above comment: :The sun rises in the west in Manali."

Lo! Ak aur love angle aa gaya ji!!

Principal Shahab ke comments padna zara..
Inhi saahab ne ak aur recent proposal ke baare main bhi likha tha but hidden or deleted that post aur ye bhi why that has been rejected!! Infact, during these two and half years, these people left nothing in my life about which they had not talked about. And talked about the way they wanted to present that! Then be it past, present or even future plans!

More posts will come about totally different aspects from financial, shopping, family, relatives, friends, strengths, weaknesses and list is long. As i said earlier also to prove this stalking and snooping i had to go again through the torture of striping my soul. And see our police, they know everything, probably more than me BUT.......... SHAMELESS PEOPLE!! 
(Police personnel transfers in the state and new people have totally dumped the case in dustbin. One even said clear cut "Mam how we can speak or deal the case against some senior, better case be transferred to some senior!)

Max. then DIG/SSP could say was "I have sympathy with you. Go to court with defamation case and whole case may be treated as suo motto......"
I wonder, why we have police then? And why these people dragged it for almost 4 months on the name of investigation?

Wonder, if new year gonna start with the court???