Sunday, January 5, 2014

Change Is Inevitable!!

I wonder on times, is it human nature to resist change? We resist all changes or as per our own suitability, comfort level or simply say convenience? Is it all about what we believe in and what we do not? Most fights/arguments, i see in my surrounding are about this belief and intolerance to others belief/lifestyle! 

Growth needs change, on times even some discomfort and courage. One has to throw self into the unknown to know that. One has to take risks in life, challenge the mundane lifestyle to make it better. Growth always needs change though change may not necessarily be growth always but can always be an option. Every obstacle in life gives us some lesson/s, some strength and most of the times some better perspectives. Different people have different priorities in life, so how can ideas of so called achievements be same? What are achievements for one, may be worthless  and waste of time as well as life for others. Sometimes, it is better to break the pattern and let paradigm shift happen to create something better! 

Change Is Inevitable. Growth is optional — John C. Maxwell

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

कुछ वादे हैं खुद से

कुछ इरादे हैं बुलंद से

कुछ हौसला है अडिग सा

कुछ आत्मविस्वास सा है

कुछ पर्दे हैं उठने

कुछ myths हैं गिराने!


साल ये फिर से

कुछ नया सा जरूर है

मगर चल रहा है साथ फिर भी
कुछ पुराना उलूल-जुलूल सा है
कुछ प्रश्न हैं वही पुराने
कुछ नयो का भी इंतज़ार सा है!


कुछ दूरियां नापी हैं इधर उधर की

और तैयारियां हैं कुछ और भी नापने की

इस भेजे को आराम ना कल था

ना आज है और ना कल ही होगा, क्योंकि

इसका तो काम है वक़्त सा चलते जाने

चलना इसका ही तो जीवन है सो चलते है जाना!!