Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rampal saga and failure of intelligence agencies..

Rampal saga and failure of intelligence agencies. Why? Probably, the reason is these agencies are not so professional even after having much intrusive tech and instruments with them. And police, most of them (Sure, some good people exist everywhere) are disgrace to their uniform and hardly care about duty and professionalism. These agencies and police do have some such, so called sants. These sants are equipped with so sophisticated tech and instruments that it's almost impossible for common people to know what the hack is going on. If things continue like this then for sure, bigger mess will be in front of public eyes one day!

इन संतो की ये सन्तगिरि तो बहाना है
जनता को यूं ही बेवकूफ बनाते जाना है
असलियत इन सबकी ये बेईमानी ही है
बाहर भेष कुछ मगर अंदर कुछ और है!
तहखानो में इनका अपना स्वर्गखाना है
भोली जनता को ये दिखाएं कुछ भी मगर
हकीकत इन सबकी औरतों को फंसाना और
शौषण करना, हवस का शिकार बनाना है !
गुमराह कर लोगों को ऐशो-आराम जुटाना
अपनी वाह-वाही खिदमत में लोगों को लगाना
जो मान जाएं सीधे-सीधे तो सही नहीं तो
witch-hunt ka तरीका तो बहुत पुराना है!

काँडाओं की नगरी है ये, बाबाओं का देश है

The Barwala happening shows like a system has been hijacked by a baba. But if we look at the overall drama, then truth seems something else. First of all, why this situation arose? System here does not work until and unless water seems crossing the head. Most of these powerful people (They can be politicians, so called shadhus and people sitting at some high post) try to be self styled righteous and behave like semi gods. Most of such people have a crowd following them and somehow protecting them. Our police in most such cases does not work until and unless get some kinda scolding. 

काँडाओं की नगरी है
 ये बाबाओं का देश है 
मालूम है ऐसे लोगों को 
कि एक भीड़ भी जुटा लेंगे

 हाहाकार मचाकर भी ये
जयजयकार भी करवा लेंगे 
पहनकर जनहित का चोला 
काले को भी सफेद दिखा देंगे

अंधों कि नगरी है ये 
शायद मुर्दाओं का ये देश है 
मुर्दे भी शायद मचलते हैं यहाँ 
भोले लोगों को सताने के लिये

जला लो एक और दिया
एक बार फिर से तार-तार 
इंसानियत का खून है हुआ 
हैवान फिर से बलवान यहाँ हुआ

बदनीयत वाले नंगा नाच करके भी
खुदको यहाँ पाक़-सॉफ दिखा देंगे?
ऐसे- हालातों में इन सैतानो का 
भला तुम क्या तो बिगार लोगे?
Another interesting aspect i could not ever understand, if these people are real sants, then why the hell they need security? Another so called sant from this state got Z-Category. Wonder, whose money is that, that government is wasting on such draamebaazs? If he really needs any security then he has more than enough resources for that. Baba, business and politics, interesting saga indeed.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

FB, Social Sites Handlers

FB Handlers: They can change your post status from only me to public and public to me or friends. Well, means they can play anyway with your FB also! Status change depends on what suits these handlers and their mindset. Yes! These so called FB handlers do changes on people's profiles even without that FB profile owners knowledge. 
I have noticed this many times last year also and still it's continue. Same thing has also been noticed on twitter last year. I opened my twitter account after few months and found "about me" status totally changed there.

Another FB handlers trick: It has been noticed that same FB profile can show or hide different posts to different FB profiles even though those posts are public! Now how public posts can be blocked for some specific profile/people only, for permanently or specific time, i do not know. No! Do not jump to the conclusion of block zone. In case of blocking one cannot see anything. I would like to know, if anyone knows these tricks or if there are any new updates of FB regarding such settings. So much control on social media and that is also illegal? 
You must be thinking, why to take so much pain for these worthless social sites? Well, as this is not just about these sites but control freaks freaky and illegal ways. This is also about how virtual zone is changing our day by day life. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sunshine Smiley Vs. Rowdies!

Road rage belongs to average frustrated person and most of the times, its used against unknown and law abiding citizens. It's used to provoke people to get heated exchange, to throw out the frustration by rowdies. Do not be part of it. Either ignore such people or better give them your sunshine smile... 

Rowdies may be on road or online/internet. People learned how to use internet or drive but do not know how to drive or use internet decently. Some countries have laws against such behaviour. I wonder, where India stands?? Such behaviour is most common among students. Really? It's so easy naa to give lecture to kids but what if some teachers behave like those kids?? 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Language, Use and Misuse, Views and Abuse, Taught a Lot!

Off late got lots of gyan from well wishers as well as from the practice of self analysis of day by day drama. Among those well wishers found many sensitive and caring souls feeling hurt while watching and listening day by day drama. Found some hurling back abuses at the abusers and cursing even their families. During this whole drama, thin skin became a bit thick. Analyzing power started a bit overworking, tiny particles of fear (was there any?) became a bit more fearless. The adventurer in me became a bit more adventures. "Be Yourself" became a bit more strong. Found family, friends, relatives a bit more dear as well as near. Wings became a bit more strong. Found more reasons to roam around the world rather than be a chipku at one place. 

Some Lessons:
The more you will react on rowdies, the more their macho man and abuser in them will vibrate to do more such rowdy dance. 
Language just like any other thing can be used or misused. It can be used to express ourselves and pass on our views beautifully. It can also be misused to abuse directly like a layman or worst, in complex shrewd's language.  

Monday, November 10, 2014

Destiny is not a Matter of Chance BUT Choice..

I am not much of a destiny believer though on times, i do say, it had to happen this way. Most of the times, it's we who chose it, the way it is. Happenings or mishappenings can happen without much of our control. It matters, what we do with those happenings or mis-happenings and how we deal with them. 
Euro plans, 2014! Hmmm i missed that chance willingly for something people said "do not be crazy". Did i know then better days are ahead or something not so better is waiting me? No! But i knew i had to pass through a tunnel to see the light at the end of it. I am preparing myself for that. Hmmm tunnel or light?? I am already in that tunnel and light is not far away.. Ise kahte hain din main sapne dekhna.. ;) who knows 2015 main sach hi hone ja rahe hon. I mean din wale sapne, jo raaton main kharaate ki neend sulaate hain.. :)

Ye Saali Zindgi!! Till now i was using this "saali" in writing only but aaj to... uff!! Need to delete this word from my written dictionary also. Ye Crazy Life!! Better I think.

Life is so simple and straight 
Jhalli-si so beautiful and great 
That sometimes, I smile at life 
Sometimes, i get back that smile 
From this sweet, cute and ute life! 
 — feeling crazy.

  Jhalli-si=झल्ली-सी, ute= ऊत  

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sweet-Sour 2014

The year started with much anxiety, fear, expectations and excitement. The wait was over in  Feb with a new life in that home, A Sweet Cute Gal; Mah Niece! Her presence proved that if one person (out of nowhere) can break people, bonds beyond repair then one can act as a bonding gel. If one person can be a trigger point of constant hate, anger and disgust in your mind then one can be the smiling force. And kids are always great at the happiness point. On that she is a smiling baby.. :) rather should say force. She just keeps on smiling and can make anyone smile in any kinda mood. On the other hand, I wonder on times, why almost all self styled, enforcing kinda mentors (maan na maan main tera mehmaan!) act as tormentors? Probably, they try so hard to teach you that they add one more tor to men to twist the word itself and make it "Tor+Men+Tor". 

Almost at the same time, i entered a new zone at professional front and to some extent forgot what does mean academics. It was a totally different kinda experience. It gave totally different kinda learning and experiences. Oh! One more thing added to the life's profile in this year, finally lodged a complaint against some hitech hifi goons (Bas yahin bach gaya tha shayad karne ko zindgi main!). And police is "acting" true to Indian police image! So innocent people nah, don't even know if such technologies do exist in India! These people are behaving/acting like do not know the ABCs of cyber crime and how to investigate that! Such people increase goon's adventurism and that's what happening. I started writing this post few days back with the title "Happy New Year" then changed the title to "Sweet-Sour 2014". Goons worked on both words at the same time, along with many others! It seems this case needs some more time and energy from my side. For a while, halted some professional and personal growth for the sake of what i believe in. This is not just the case of abuse of power and herds behaviour of goons style moral policing, but the misuse of public money in the form misuse of those technologies, public is not even aware about if such type of technologies do exist. This case is also a good study material that how myths emerge from twisted stories roaming from one person to another. How people add their own prejudiced views, vested interests, mirch-masala and understanding to make things kinda epic!

On times, two bad Ps (Police and Politics) were more than enough to unbalance but one good P (Pearl, mah niece) in all those times proved more than enough to overpower both! I kept on wondering, how a lil kid's presence, who even does not know how to talk, can instantly overpower bad elements out of your mind. This year was started on a good note with a gal's entry and gonna end with another good happening; mah cousin's marriage. Gals are lifeline of that home and 2014 gonna end on a good note.. I believe and hope so!! 

झिलमिल सी कोई रौशनी नज़र आती है
एक किरण जैसे अंधकार चीर जाती है
ये विश्वास और हौसला वो शय हैं 
जो हर शय पे भारी पड़ जाती हैं!!