Thursday, December 25, 2014

शराफत (DECENCY)

Same Day Post :

Again just another coincidence you know, like more than hundreds or even above thousand of coincidences since 2012!!

I just wrote in my diary or typed as i did not know till that time that only screenshots can be helpful in case the person delete his posts.. And did not even know that person/s who was/were doing all that publicly could be even so coward that would delete all those posts and then would deny even about their existence!!

I wonder, if i will ever be able to provide proofs of many of so called adventures of these people, (not just in mine but people's homes!) but sure time will. I had lil-bit doubt about those so called adventures but with time realized "sickness-mess" was beyond my imagination!! 

These people are not just able to use your mobile's microphone without your permission but your whole mobile is kinda their private property, if a charged battery is there in it. They can handle and use its camera also for taking pics and even making video! Oh yeah, include in that spying list your laptop and PCs also! On that, all this is happening at mass scale. Then why no talk about that in Indian media? India has already spent billions to improve and prepare for cyberwar race but without any care or concern about the abuse of those technologies. Search about cyber experts especially in India to help at that front and so little is there. Indian judiciary kinda mocked and has been totally oversighted. And what the heck is this privacy and human rights in this age of cyber attacks and cyber race? Feel at peace and comfortable in your skin and look at world with totally different eyes. 

Ab ye kaun se niyam-kanoono ki baat ho rahi hai, only if people can tell the truth and not lies..

This much?? No! Mess is beyond that.. Almost one and half year, i was hooked to some profiles (I have already mentioned, "almost" all those names in my complaint) and these people's bakwaas. All that compelled me to read more and more about surveillance technology and check these people's profiles kinda religiously. Though, i did not belong to this field but somewhere a curious creature, some inner voice, a concerned citizen within, inspired me to take the risk. During those initial days, i did not even know, what kinda risk was that? With time realized that so many things, we call scifi till today are no-more scifi but has already become a reality.
A simple question, this curious creature asked to that IG (my stalker), who has also enjoyed the position of IG, CID, Haryana in the past ...
Excuse English blunders please, already has been bashed for that many times by some. There will be one post even on that "Interdisciplinary Talk!", where people tried to teach me English and tried to write or make their own "khichari" on my subjects; Biology, Genetics, Evolution, Genealogy, Darwin, DNA drones and blah, blah, blah...

This post will be followed by some more posts related to stalking and then sting-operation and stingrays.

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