Monday, January 26, 2015

Here Mind Is Without Fear!!

Here mind is without fear
Go threaten elsewhere
We live in a free world 
Shackles of tyranny
Are not made for us!! 

We belong to new world
O dictators!
Your dictates are not for us
You have to behave
Feudal lords too outdated for us!!

You shameless! You liar!
You public draamebaaz!
Why hiding now public writeups?
Let them in public view to judge..
Who is in illusion and who is psychic!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Are You Above Law Mr. IG?

बड़ा दम्भ भरते हैं, बड़े संस्कारी बनते हैं 
सुना है आइनों में देखते हैं लोगों को 
खुद को भी बस एक बार निहार के देखिये
उन्ही आइनों में 
खुद की औकात का अन्दाजा लग जायेगा!

Politicians, policemen and corruption; sounds so matching matching na? One type of corruption is about money. I came to know another worst kinda is about sickness of mind! Wonder, if writing and what we do in general are two different things? But somehow those writings in itself expose people's real character? People who wanna expose others, wanna hide own "kaands" as much as possible? Errr rather snooped, stalked, chased, harassed, bullied (here) (here), watched in all kinda naked avatars (here) (here) (here) (here) and offered his sensibility (here) in so many sensible ways and if dared to behave then threatened!!
Law unto self? Seems so! Read below article:
Do The Cops Need to Behave?
That is A Question!! 

Naah! They are allowed to do all kinda
 kaands, along with their type of kaandas, they believe in!!

So got the satisfactory results and fruitful delivery of all kinda senseless efforts?
 What are the results? How much resources are misused used for that purpose?

Talking about Reforms!! What about self Mr. IG? 
First You Yourself Need Those Reforms Mr. WriterCop!! 

Next post/s will be some views of international experts, some links related to surveillance technology especially in Indian context and some "namunaas of such people's Ayaashi" on the name of surveillance!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Protectors or Predators?

These so called protectors, on this or that sly
Ventured into so many restricted zones
As there was not any risk of any exposure
So dived like sharks, wherever they felt like!!
Dived, floated, enjoyed unchallenged waters
As the situations were either "ignorance was bliss"
Or targets were too cowards or probably paralyzed
Like poisonous spider/s entrapped the tiny ant/s!!
They became fearless with so many such dives
So there was no fear of any kinda exposure
Ventured here and there unrestricted, unrestrained
Till the time they ventured into alien's land!!
A tricky game started under invisible waters
There was lull, there was lure and accolades
Tried hard to catch the "मक्की का दाना"
Forgot Law's long hands in that maze bungalow!!

To Sin by Silence When They Should Protest..

It's better to die for (stand for) something than live for nothing!

Beyond happiness or sadness

Beyond trials and tribulations
Beyond gains or loses
Cause is More Important!!

Win or defeat are the only options

In most struggles or fights
But the attitude of being a poser 
And just anyone's or everyone's pleaser
Without any stand, Just to gain something 
Can only be the way of a Real loser!!

To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men- Abraham Lincoln

Whatever Happens, Happen for A Reason?

For bigger cause, smaller and petty issues better to be sidelined to concentrate totally on that cause! And for me that cause is misuse of surveillance.

I wonder on times, if whatever happens, happens for a reason? Seems so! This is a country where your one offensive FB post against some police officer can send you to jail. Aur yahaan to ak pura blog likh daala but instead of sending me to jail, people have gone in defensive mode! Why God? Ooops! Semi God? Who's who saving me and why? People are so humble na especially the ones who have this "kripa-drishti" and i call them India's Snowden! Jaane khud ko bacha rahe hain log ya mujhko? I  feel whatever lil-bit i came to know about the misuse of surveillance, since 2012, i must pass on to public.. Socho wo lil-bit itana ghatak hai to pura saang kya hoga??
Many posts are in queue but i need some time to complete them especially "अयाशी on The Name of Surveillance!!", "Experimentation", "StingRays" (One, i guess you have already searched in google and second belongs to spectrum/waves, bole to semi-God's rainbow). I need some more holidays/leave to write. Department and outside world is a distraction for that.. :(  

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sangeen is Rangeen Here..

Abuse is normal here
Vulgarity is creativity
Soft porn is normal
On the name of surveillance!!

Nobody is spared
It is random
It is targeted
It is top secret!

Old school and laymen
Believe more in psychiatric
No time to take headache
To know this "new ghost"!

For ignorant and fools
It's good fuel to laugh
As sangeen is rangeen
In this Culture of Vultures!!

*New Ghost means Surveillance

Sunday, January 11, 2015

So much more..

It was not just about any X,Y,Z, past or present but friends, family, relatives, students, my location at some particular point/visits, bad grammar, classes/office, my day by day conversations, food, cloths, health issues, money, dog and overall lifestyle and even views. Most of them, naturally, i would not be able to prove!

After car and especially home incidence (here), i was a bit uncomfortable. I could not understand what was wrong? On advice from well wishers, fired my maid. For sometime, i managed well but during some busy days gave up. I was desperately looking for a cook and maid and see a sensible person!

There were so many such posts about my day by day happenings/mis-happenings by this person. 

Check Mr. Manmohan Khanna's commentary above
Jee! Barsaat toh ab status padne hi aati thi as she came to know people sitting hundreds kilometers far away were writing about her day by day activities, listening her calls, checking her all surfing as well as watching her!

Haathi-ghode bhalu fir se aa gaye!! 

There was some discussion on politics!

Even after my complaint, people were writing and see advisory to own circle:

I seriously could not understand this circus!

Probably, i would not be able to prove most but yes so many things to some extent can be proved by constructing an electronic trail of all these events alongside posts of these people. 
There is so much more. Whatever i talked on phone or discussed with anyone or did anything in whole day, there were atleast 2-3 posts on these profiles related to that. Most of those posts were on Mr. Rajbir Deswal's FB and commentaries were there by these people.
Oh yeah! After Mr. Rajbir Deswal, maximum posts were from Mr. Neeraj Bali and Principal Bhupender. Most of those have been deleted by these people just the time i was discussing about taking some action. On that police helped them and gave enough time to do the required engineering.


Modifications/changes are there at every front wherever these people could do! 

CDR data: As i told earlier, police people did not provide me my own mobile numbers CDR even after written requests. I got that through RTI from BSNL. First these BSNL people took almost a month to give those details. Many important so called "coincidential" proof were there in that time period. What i have been provided is even manipulated and some calls record is totally missing. I complained about the same to BSNL but got reply we have given whatever we had! As i said earlier also "some part" of this crime/drama happened publicly. 

So many posts have already been removed after my complaint and still till today no FIR, not even a chargesheet. Till today, i have not given any reply by police, what happened to my complaint? 

Some dates of my blog posts have been changed. Who did that? for example
Mr. Rajbir Deswal's post was written after my blog post, same day or max next day, just like so many other posts. But now one month time difference is there. I felt same about a few other posts but gave the benefit of doubt. But in how many cases? Check the post below:

Post from my blog:

I live in the moment and live every moment probably not 100% but 200... errr thora jayada ho gaya!! Developed over the years many hobbies or say time-pass. Starting from childhood coin/currencies collections from different countries, cuttings from papers and magazines (including the magazines and snaps, grandpa had treasured over the years and fought with bro for them for solo possession; being kinda Hitler!), writing, collage making and one by one left/forgot somewhere all. Now it's virtual roaming around the world!

Since some time "trying" again writing, cuttings and collage making and feeling, it's so difficult! How come?? And trying all this for whom?? Some known/unknown Inmate/s!!! Duhhh!!! Wonder if i can make any difference, even if little?? I know some people have already started crying "ak yahi bach gaya tere paas karne ko.. :( .." ;) Well, so much is there to do, you know, whole world is there to travel, to experience, to realize sweet-bitter dramas, to break every pattern piece by piece to know the reality bites, to experiment everything beyond the so called norms.. Yes! So much is there!! Would you like to sponsor kya.. ;) If no then i will do whatever i like.. "keep shut".. :( :) ;)

This is a different world indeed, the world i am trying to know; world of crime, a world, we know through movies or media only?? A world we, the general public know so little.. Really?? The society we call civilized is really civilized?? To what extent?? In last few months, i came across a bit different people face to face and different situations. In this different world things are really different?? But why question mark everywhere? Trying to compare some totally different departments/institutes, that is  university, police and jail system. How different and still somewhere same! There is a cruel dictator somewhere in every person as well a defiant, a rebel, a slave, a coward, lil demon, lil angel, some followers and few leaders (if there is really any!).. depends in which situation we are and how we react. Yeah! The percentage differs person to person and that percentage tells who we really are! 

Canine Power and Horse Sense

When people abuse canines in any way, i feel like why people do that? They are so faithful and understanding and better companion than any other species. It seems such people do not have any horse sense but only ego-sense! When people use dog species as a gaali, i feel like to say back "aadmi", the worst kinda gaali. Yes! Human being is worst species on earth. No other species can do so many "kaands" as this one. So better if it can be removed even from animal kingdom itself! 

Canine abuse:

Beyond any sensible person's words/explanation! 
So called intelligence people's shooting!
"Adami" and "Kutta"!

I was looking for a puppy but could not get one of my choice. Finally, my nephew came with the one during the time i was a bit too busy. I had filed the form for secretary, teacher's association. Still i accepted that pup just to keep his heart and by thinking that i would manage. But just after sometime, i realized that i could not manage and finally gave it to someone. 
It was the time when i was managing hard especially campaign time and just after winning that post. So many times, i had to leave him at home or at my cousin's place and at the same time there was a post:

Record is there on my FB and mobile in a message, when i got my pet and gave to someone. This person Mr. Surender Deswal has also written so many other posts total bakwas and disgust, i have some with me as screenshots.

I requested one of my friend to provide me some information and sent that via speed post and there was a post:

Wherever You Go, Network Follows..

Kindly keep your common sense intact till the time you get the whole story. As i said earlier also this case is not "just" about me and that "ghumaao abhiyaan" by these people on my personal life. Past or present gonna be just an example and would help kinda evidential proof. I could have written and made public all those messages, i sent or shared with people to clear some facts but that would make public the identity of all concerned people. Though i cannot help much these guys, that gonna happen one day. The liars and twisters cannot save themselves for long. And yeah for those, who are looking for posts on all mentioned  profiles, they are no more in their original form. Much has been deleted from them, be it commentary or some missing post in between those posts to kill their original meaning.
For example: Official Manali trip and related posts, September, 2013

It would be difficult for people to understand those posts who were not on that trip. Though people who were on that trip can still understand, where we stopped/parked the bus to take pics (Waterbody),  in the bus a student was singing raginis and there was some discussion on who likes what.. raginis, bollywood songs, english songs or folk songs. The guy/student who was singing raginis was wearing yellow shirt and there were some jokes and kaddi bigaar etc etc. I wrote something on my FB about Rohtang beauty and there was some post and commetary on Mr. Rajbir Deswal's wall Overwhelmed, hills blah, blah, blah. The day i was wearing red dress and uploaded that pic on my FB and their was some post again and commentary Preety lady in red......... Much more has been written about that trip by these people.

On top of that:

Manali trip with students: "some mischievous student/s??". Someone called me on my hotel room landline no. and said "mam Manali police thane se bol rahe hain, some of your students have taken drinks..........". I was surprised why the hell someone from so called police station would call a female faculty's room no. when male faculty members were there with the trip?. 

5th Sept.2013, Teacher's Day Celebration in the Seminar Hall in the Deptt. and there was a post about the same, again too indirect.

He has also written many such posts when i went to home or at some friends or cousin's place like there was a post "Car going over river flying dust..............." . 
I talked about all these experiences with friends or cousins and just like me these people were also baffled about these stalker's ways and devotion of stalking. It was like these people had nothing else to do in their life than stalking a gal? 

These people also wrote about some photos on my room's walls, some grandparents pics in my room. How one can sit long hours on same chair, dye/colour hairs, do not dye, fizzy hairs day, straight hairs and on that a so called poetic licence to write whatever one could, to the level one could stoop!

Much more is there like i searched for Braun epilator repair shop in India and wrote something about stereotype and then i was at home in shorts, legs were not shaved and there was a post about stereotype and Remington. 

All these posts were so complex that it was too difficult to explain to some unknown person. Yes! Friends and people close to me who were regularly watching or listening this drama still were able to understand all this shit. Even after reading all this shit and knowing that someone was watching you even in your home and just everywhere, you tried to show a bold face. Why were not you crying? There were posts like:

Too common post naa? How anyone could say in what context it has been written or so many such posts have been written by these people? And people are talking about proofs? Such a nice electronic trail is there to get all facts related with this crime, only if some independent fair investigation can take place. Well, while checking these profiles, just last month, i came to know my passwords were made public, in some specific way on Mr. Rajbir Deswal's posts! Height? No just too normal for such people, i guess.

And as i wrote earlier also, ye to shukar hai, koyi boyfriend ni tha, koyi sex scandal, live in chakkar ni tha.. and some cousins and friends are there as solid support else in this type of reserved society, such people could have gone to any extent... waise abhi bhi koyi extent bachi hai kya??
I do wonder about those people, about whom these people had written much more than me including sex and their bed room life and they are silent. Rather some are till now doing salaam to them and showing to public like they are totally ignorant. Oh! Some doing some kinda commentary also on some posts! Shameless Creatures! 

Friday, January 9, 2015

देर है, अंधेर नहीं!

For ignorant people (here)
Till now, i survived all "ghumao-abhiyan" (here) by these people, my stalkers. Hope and wish that justice will prevail and public will open their eyes to the truth.

Somewhere, ignorant people boost my determination to expose this naked game. So i do not feel much bad, when i see expressions or listen words kinda "impossible" in response to this reality of today. I must thanks to all those, who either understand this case or try to understand with open eyes and mind. 
The reactions from ignorant people are most unreasonable. I hope, when Indian media will take this case, it will be able to clear at least basic facts of this surveillance, to these laymen. But, first they need to clear themselves as what i observed till now, we have very little investigative reporting in India and that is why public is in so dark.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lets Call It Investigative Research...

I used to say research was my first love, all other life! Wonder on times, what happened to that? Well, I was searching and trying to concentrate on one topic, on some papers and was planning some project, i can settle for long time. I had almost concentrated on that one topic "haplogroups". Something happened kinda life is what happens to you while you were busy making plans. And that happening/mis-happening was a challenge, a mystery. Somehow that became my priority and everything else became not so important.

We can solve a problem only if we can acknowledge it. I entered a world about which i did not know abc, known as surveillance. The more i read and experienced it, the more i felt kinda a ginny pig myself in that experimentation. This experimental ginny pig gone through the torture beyond that lab ginny pig, i guess. On times that torture was kinda killing and  i felt like to gave up. People also advised stop looking at those profiles. But one after other these profiles kept on giving clues kinda we get data from some experiment. What i got in that experimentation? Wait for that post please..

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mirrors in Monkey's (Just monkey?) hands!!

"The problem is that we want to see through what He wants us only to see!!"
And that He wanted these people to see people in all kinda naked avatars and that He even inspired these people to write all that on FB and to do even so called teasing on that!! Jee! "Just teasing", in these people's language! I guess, these people do that kinda teasing even with the women in their homes! Why just women but even men!
Hey! Look here! Oh! See that! You know the meaning of so and so term?  Look there! These people are so unhygienic! These hygiene freak! Do not dye hair, left here, here and here. Stereotype, has not shaved legs and still in shorts! He has this pajama on since last... oh smelly! Wo saala hizra hai that is why blah, blah, blah 
OK! People can listen, they can watch by this and that technology but i wonder if can even smell, touch if someone had a shower with cold or hot water? Mayanagri hai! Mr. Khanna seems has a great practical approach to know the Ultimate Truth, like that FB, CCTV approach (here)!  

What are you thinking? PK waali duniya main pahunch gaye na baigar PK.. :(

Chor Darwaza..

"I am fascinated with this bridge".... if not exact then some post was kinda this on Mr. Rajbir Deswal's FB wall! 
That bridge is a "chor-darwaza" (secret-door)! It is this "secret-door"' through which these people watch people secretly and then catch something and put that in some word, in some sentence or in some colour, in some picture, in some shape. The tactics of these magicians of these magical hints were/are endless in FB posts and even some news papers articles. I told all that to some friend or well wisher. In the starting got replies like “have gone mad.” But after some time these very people's replies were "ohhh! Sorry dear! Ye toh Khadoos, jayada chalu banta hai! Jaise ak isi main dimaag hai, baaki duniya to........ Bhejha fry kahin ka!!"

Discussion: Why the hell people eat gals property here?
Post: Ak zamana tha jab mama bal katwa deta tha.. blah, blah, blah
Discussion: First name 
And there was a full article!

Discussion with friend and asked some new kids, who came to play in front of my house: You can call mam, i am not your auntie.
And there was a post on uncle.......

Went home, took some grandpa's diaries and letters in my possession and talked something about grandpa wrote in those diaries.
Post: My father's blah blah.......... some writings were uploaded by Mr. Rajbir Deswal on his FB wall.

Wrote something on page or diary and
Some post and i was literally about to hit my head on wall!
He wrote about a cockroach i killed in my bathroom, snake in my home and uploaded ditto pic on his FB wall!

Read some letter and diary in my bedroom..

Check the red dot in exclamation mark in the pic!
Watching in my own home, in my bedroom, bathroom up to that extent!
Mirror image, reflections, refraction, waves, spectrum, prism, some bugs or much more!?!

Note: I will write and add more on this post and will add some screenshots also but will take some time as my main laptop stopped working without any warning! A few other strange things happened in last few days.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year!?!

These waves are different.. 
These rays are different.. 
This rainbow has totally different kinda spectrum..
Lets be a bit aware as this is not kiddo's cloudy rainbow!!
This is a different kinda glassy world 
And has different kinda firework!!