Monday, April 20, 2015


Uploaded a pic of my grandparents on FB, who had light coloured eyes and a post:

Had a chat with friends on FB and a post:

Hair highlights search and post:

Some talk about some car and here is a post:

Again something related to FB chat; a college closed group of some close circle/friends and some new entry, the guy i did not know and here follows a post:

My FB post and here a post:

My FB as well as blog post and here is a post:

And then there was some talk with some friend and:

My FB post about some car and here is a post:

My FB message to a friend and here is an epic status update:

Wonder, since when such a sick COD kinda stalking became part of so-called compassion? 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mad World of Surveillance

New definition of compassion:
From present to past with a try to control future
From blogs to emails, from FB to twitter
From surfing history to bank details
From the ones who are no more in the world
To the pregnant family member or friends
From lil kid to elders, relatives to friends
From dresses to hair colours and styles
From classes, students to trips; official/unofficial
From couples to married people's lives live profiling...
In the surrounding 
And List is just endless.......
A psychic person along with his psychic goons gang
Did all this drama on this or that name (to some extent still cont.)
Welcome to mad world of surveillance of so many layers
Writings of so-called writer/s about a gal 
Kinda COD* uncovered it to such an extent
Else such kinda things are happening normally 
Without our notice due to our ignorance!! Sickness!

Lemme start from my own blogs itself
So many changes have already been done by kalakaars even there!!
Seems Investigation by police on my complain is still "UNDER PROCESS" ;)

*COD (Compulsive Obsessive Disorder)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Shame Mr. IG!!

Called a friend..
Movie dekhni hai..
kaun si?
Abhi to release bhi ni huyi, kayi din hain..
haan! advance booking.. kahin family ke saath chali jaaye..
And a post....

Talked about few such kinda evidences with the same friend and..

Arre! Post kahan gayi??
Do not know why i was expecting this!!

Shame Mr. IG, that you have to hide/manipulate things/evidences such a way...
Shame on system, which is supportive in this..
From police to BSNL to............. List is long!!

As I cannot be politically correct so better to keep shut about this list at least for some more time!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Interdisciplinary Talk!!

Darwinism and Evolution: Sometimes, we do not need to speak. Subjects/interdisciplinary talk speak themselves Wonder if people read/talked/discussed so much Biology in whole life as has been discussed in last few years! Seems in recent years Biology was a hot subject. Check yourself just few posts:

 Read Mr. Khanna's Theory of Evolution above!

Grammar of Biology:

When people read others writings, blogs, emails so religiously then do talk and write about their subjects also so religiously like  (here)


Read Khurana's Genetics 

Issues about whole drama

Q. Why I have been put under surveillance? Why have i been snooped, stalked, bullied and harassed? 
Answers: Awaited, Under investigation, Under process!!
Kinda kidding.. lolz

And then
Main question: 
What is the general procedure of police investigation in such crimes?
"Seems" keep dragging, keep helping illegal acts of their own police officers!!
And i hope that seems is not that true!

Khapland has her own E-Khaps! Thanks to misuse of technology. Indian constitution is one thing and tribal kinda kangaroo courts are another. They have their own constitution, their own rules, theirs own judgments, their own conspiracies and natural their own kinda tortures and killings! Here so called sophisticated first class police officers, professors and doctors are involved in such crimes. 
I am the one who dared to speak publically against all odds against these goons. What about so many entrapped ones or whom such people can target in future?? Who will protect those silent sufferers? 
Check out: Different kinda Ayaashi..

Did I try to be a policeman? Cannot ever be! Such a bad word!
I just tried to be an investigator, the better word i guess Re-Searcher!
Check out:

The sensible person (!?!) at its best again... 
Some silent sufferer? Or just ignorant!?!
Check out:

Metadata and related technologies still are not enough to understand the Metaphysical.
Only few kalakaars kalakari on Mr. Rajbir Deswal's FB page is enough to get the picture, these people have painted about the naked game of surveillance. Go through their conversation and it's not difficult to understand the "khichari", they cooked-up.

Cont. Next Post

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Some FB Posts from Reality-bite Zone

(Not for everyone to understand.... )

Smoke from your kitchen or 
Killing cockroach in the bathroom
Watering plants in the lawn or
Early morning call to cousin
Hawks lurking and narking on the lark 
In such a way, 24hrs a day
Either they will send to the mental hospital
Or who knows they will kill you such a way
That no one can even imagine
That it happened that way!!

Acoustic electro-magnetic waves
Ubiquitous kinda lunatics
Ambient intelligent designs
Pervasive pervert kinda profiling
Context awareness pragmatics
Sensing some kinda semantics
Creating anticipatory "air gap"
What to have and what not have!!!
  • Vi Dangi hmmm for people who could not understand above lines, just put computing/computers after most words and its self explanatory. e.g Acoustic/EM waves/Ubiquitous/Ambient/Intelligent Designs/Context awareness/Pervasive/Pragmatic etc etc.
  • Vi Dangi समर शेष है, नहीं पाप का भागी केवल व्याघ्र.. जो तटस्थ हैं, समय लिखेगा उनका भी अपराध। --.रामधारी सिंह दिनकर