Saturday, July 11, 2015

National Commission for Women, New Delhi

I got a love letter today from this sweet women rights commission. A letter of acknowledgement from First Appellate Authority under RTI Act, 2005! This National Women Rights Commission of India did not feel like even to reply to my RTI!

When I got a pathetic response from Haryana police then sent my complaint to this commission:

I do not know why these people even accept any application and give acknowledgment IF DO NOT HAVE ANY POWER RATHER WILL TO WORK FOR THE CAUSE THEY ARE PART OF! 

What is the role of a counsellor? Do they look into the seriousness of the matter? Counselors are junior people. Orders come from higher authorities. These people and bodies are mere puppets of governments and typical politicians!

Check the status:

Reminder list after almost a year- I guess they do have some rule book.
 Address Wrong! Dispatch no.? Not updated!
The name of this commission should be Wonder Commission!

Next post will be about Human Rights Commission.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Some Interesting Posts I Come Across..6

There is another story about so-called Pentagon (Read CID) and some kinda selection to choose someone. Stories, stories, and stories. Oh! I did not know about it earlier. So that was the reason for so much attention to someone and so-called care and concern "here and there"!
Some post matches somewhere...

Some authority in my interview said something when experts started some kinda praise.. "Sir, this gal can be problematic for authorities. She was the student leader in blah, blah protest against authorities." That protest was against corruption in hostels. That authority is still on the same chair.. Bilkul Sahi-Sallamat! And story is that someone has been prepared a suicide-bomber, somewhat kinda this:

Little joke/r in too-serious stuff!!
Pic from the internet

Now read another post:

Below post was written the day, I was talking about VC removal and the sach-jhooth about my name somewhere in that with some people. I also said it had to happen. Due to change in government after 10-years, BJP just needed an excuse. And these people might have some better excuses than my complaint. 

Beyond these stories what is interesting to note is the amount of time, energy and resources have been invested on that one person. 

Aur maine aisa kya teer maar diya.. Just did a complaint on CM window about VC quota misuse in house allotment. Sent a video link with that complaint being MDUTA secretary. Check the audio:

VC has already changed after that. Before his resignation, he signed on few files in back date. Again misused VC quota. New VC assured in the very first meet that it would not happen and he will take back all recent VC quota allotments and will scrap VC quota. But till now NOTHING HAPPENED! 

Beyond these so-called choti-moti baaten, the most important question is rather than politicians game changers are some other people? Seems so! Surveillance technology is playing big role in that. People behind that are the new age politicians along with the so-called think tank of these parties and their image makers! They will twist rules, misuse the power and their AAKA's shall save them! Bole toh typical Gujrat Estyle! This is known as ploy-ticks doing strange kinda poly-tricks! 

Special Note: "Raj-iv" has been writing almost in the same style as the earlier "Raaz" was writing. This person oops! Professor does have access to my all calls, location, internet surfing, blogs, mails etc. etc.
This series will continue with more interesting posts.

Some Interesting Posts I Come Across..5 Cont.

The last post was about person specific advertisements on google and FB! Aah! We are already in the personalized world of advertisements if not personalized medicines. They do not depict the story the way they look like especially when "specifically targeted". That is why they are person specific and hit only those where they are targeted. 
We come across many advertisements as per our search. But think about the scenario if we come across "advertisements as some kinda message". The message somehow only and only targeted person can understand! You hate or like those advertisements, but they gonna hit you. Recently most such advertisements have stopped coming to my internet zone. And I am thankful for that. 

The above post is to wash-out the facts or to support them? Whatever! The truth is like paid trolls attacking specific targets, there are paid troll advertisements also! 
As far as last post's movie trailer is concerned then I have also written earlier about that elsewhere. Check the link.. ( here)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Some Interesting Posts I Come Across..5

A few posts are interesting in their own way. Some so-called story actually.

For a while, watch this video and make your own analysis...

I will come to those interesting posts and story later..

Thursday, July 2, 2015


There was not any sexual scandal. But it was not less rather more I guess. It was not for any cause but to teach a lesson to someone who had raised her voice against some wrong of some so called mighty. It may not be rape in any legal sense, but it was that mental rape which was able to kill any strong person. It was day by day torture. There was a time when I cried for help. I wrote and talked to whoever I could. There was a time when I felt like to kill myself. But that had been a simple suicide. A suicide by that gal who had so many so called conditions responsible for that. And by suicide means, this person had got whatever he wanted, to kill me without any kinda suspension. It happened in that society which calls itself morally a bit too much upright. A SOCIETY OF BLOODY HYPOCRITES! 
To show the worthless power and ego, a person at a highly responsible chair abused that the worst way. Played the tamasha of drunk with power publically. He tried to teach a women the power of sex, masturbation and chemicals responsible for that. He along with his goons wrote so much which is too difficult to write in words. He along with his goons wrote everything publically. He talked about what he used to do in 7th and what he does now! His so called doctor friend wrote few posts related to so-called hormones and chemicals responsible for that. Another so-called Professor/Retd. Prof. wrote publically more such posts like what a life without private life! They wrote what type of innerwears I wore or if I was in so-called aadhe-adhure clothes at home. Yes! At home! In bedroom! In bathroom! He even wrote about my body parts the worst way he could. He did live telecast about other people's lives including couples (married or unmarried). It was a live telecast of India's Scandalous Khujhrao!