Monday, August 31, 2015

Some Random Posts..

When rumour zone was at its peak in MDU, KU and PU then I wrote to this friend if his wife has any insecurities but he said I do not know about any such insecurities of her. But stories here were talking something contradictory. I also sent a friend request to them and here was the reply:

Interesting na! I wonder "who wrote this" and "in what mood or circumstances"?

Some people say that police is handling (in what sense, I do not know) Kamlesh Duhan profile! Only police know the truth or this gal can tell. But people who are on "ghumaao-abhiyaan" since first day, what the heck truth means there? They are hidding many things under the carpet in those twists and turns. 

So many stories are there about husband-wife differences, some cheating by wife, some money angle, rude-abusive behaviour and list is endless. Somewhat same stories are there about guy. Another story is husband-wife has no relation since start. Stories, stories and SICK stories!

What I could get from whole drama is that he is somewhere guilty the way things/marriage happened. In some posts, Professor Rajiv Lochan has explained that well (here). Professor Rajiv Lochan has also written so many other posts, indirectly hitting almost all kinda abuses and issues raised by me in my complaint to DGP, Haryana. They do include watching people in their homes, phones spying, operating system handling and much more I guess.  

No doubt I loved this guy from the core of my heart, rejected even two sour pieces proposals due to this very fact. But he kept on saying it was one-sided love. We were just good friends. I would not ever marry in life. That is totally different story how things happened. One rejected piece's whole family is involved in this drama including spreading worst kinda rumours. Why?? I did not know that some rejections hurt life long! If not then why so much ill will and propaganda? Why people could not talk face to face and felt better to use social media to target, to defame, misused power friend circle and surveillance technology? Sick!
Here is some more:

Writing to his wife I guess.. 
What I got from this whole drama is that probably things were not that bad as they had been projected.
It was more of a public tamasha created by Mr. Rajbir Deswal and his goons gang that created more problems. The twisting of facts, the misuse of surveillance, writing about people's bedroom life (read married people as well as unmarried couples or singles) publically with all kinda spices, writing the more or less fictional stories of Salim-Anarkali, ghosts, writing day and night about my life's ups and downs. Creating senseless tamasha is more important for people than lives? And by whom? People with so much power at hand who must act responsibly. But acted most irresponsibly! 

Well said, Prof. Sonia Malik! That is why could not see fall of Mr. Rajbir Deswal and his gang! You and many others like you kept on writing whatever you felt like about this case and that women who is your junior in the same University. Did not ever feel like even once to ask her what the hell was going on? 
Aah! Chair and power lickers and they will speak the truth! 
Mr. Bali can you please talk about the fall of Mr. Rajbir Deswal as well as all of you along with him? 

Along with this fall..
Do tell about Haryanvi-Bong conspiracy Mr. Bali

In fact, real power is not knowing what is correct but doing the correct things! It is not barking about a girl in her absence with all kinda shit. It is not barking about someone family with all kinda nonsense. Family savers do not attack families, would not at least try to blackmail a women on such things where perhaps she has little control and knowledge. Feel something wrong somewhere or fishy then police and police akaas must be responsible for that. You people, have so much time, energy and resources to stalk and harass a gal but not to do your duty! Sick People! The arrogance of power misuse boomerangs! 

Prof. Rajiv Lochan perhaps want to jail the stalkers? Sure sir! But the real stalkers, not the tortured ones by the real stalkers. Whatever I know about the guy, probably you have also indicated towards have already gone worst hell than his crime.

Real issues have been sidelined in whole this drama. Why? Can anyone answer? Along with surveillance misuse my complaint is directly linked with that.. CORRUPTION! CORRUPTION! AND CORRUPTION!

Orwellian World!

Where you ceased to exist 
Forgotten who you are
Forgotten what is freedom
Caged 24-hrs by goons
Stalking everywhere
Windows are no more windows
Of fresh air and open space
They are no more a connect to world
They are lurking goons everywhere
In unknown, unrecognized forms
They killed personal life
They killed professional life
Every word of yours under dissection
Lawn and backyard are no more
Open space with greenery around
Morning walks or eve walks
Have been hijacked by sky eyes
Phone no more a way of hearty talk
It is more of a spicy public discussion
Home is no more a privy space
It has become more of a tamasha
Relatives are no more relatives
They are more of gossip's bhasha
None has been spared
Neither kids nor dead ones
To interact with friends
You have to think and think
Your body is not yours
It is a public property
Your soul is not yours
It has already been crushed
Under hundreds of feets
Cut into a thousand pieces
And hanged publically

Whatever left........
Are unstichable crushed pieces!!
Welcome to the Orwellian World!

Just Coincidences???

Khamkhan ki matching-matching, nothing to do with this drama..
So many posts have already been deleted by this "shareef-person" (Read here)

How about this "Kamlesh" and "Purana-Maal"?

"Dishonest Husband"??

Merry is Headstrong else these people tried their best to drag her into this case..
Mr. Mahavir has already deleted his posts.. just like so many other posts!

I was preparing for some short term course and leave India for Scandinavian region But when water went overhead and came to know the ugliest truths of surveillance technology, decided to fight back! 

These are not just facebook handlers but believe in social engineering by applying all kinda online and offline propaganda... Welcome to Orwellian World! 

Sorry gal! I kept my patience for too long! If you and yours power drunk goons can make someone life a hell then let the public at least know and decide what the heck is going on!
Akhir kab tak media aur public se bhagoge??
Next post will be about that guy...

Oh please go ahead and arrest me.. I am ready for the worst! 
Is there any hell left I have not gone through due to you power drunk people!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Just Coincidence???

Human Rights Commission, Haryana in MDU organized a workshop... Duhhh
Ye achanak ghahri nindra se kaise jaage aur MDU ki taraf bhaage???

"Wait for some screenshots here"

I attended the Human Rights Commission "Special Lectures"/so-called workshop. 
Same day pic on my FB profile: 

There is a gang of So-Called Professors and some non-teaching people from University involved/part of  this drama including some special kinda beneficiaries!?! 

Some very senior Prof. (hopeful VC, "suna hai") post:
Royal Salute??? Was there anything special? Probably!
What was that sir?

There are so many indirect vulgar posts on the same profile related to me and some of my calls. How?? Only these people can explain better!

Check some recent one:

And check below post:

All rights belong to males here or power/muscles sir???

What is all this drama???
Drama started from Anna Protest. Became visible in 2012 and gone personal, personal and too personal hitting with all kinda abuses, defamation, torture, and mirch-masaala. With time, it became worst kinda lynching. So many people are now party to this crime. Now all those people are a party to this mob-lynching against whose wrongs either I talked somewhere or complained or simply got information through RTI . 

Some people out of nowhere also added so many threads to this drama. Like I did not know this Prof. I came to know from some threads of this drama only and then more and more threads here and there kinda endless...

Now what is this too personal matter?

That is how this Prof writes! Some matching-matching from here and there sir!?!
Haryana Government listening?? Oh! Even PM knows this drama!?!
AND STILL NO ACTION?? What does that mean?
Silent Support???

And below post goes to....


Interesting Games... Shadows Games!!

I guess above posts have nothing to do with below post: 

Comments zone is also interesting!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Bhagwan kare koyi kuch na samjhe!!

Invitations for Candy Crush Game!?!

So many more people now know that Dr. Sethi! 
Some players have already left while some more new players are the new entrants in this drama. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ayashi On The Name of Surveillance!!

Dark webs and their "tit! bit! pit! games", gambles, candy crush sagas are talking about "the healthy environment!" of our intelligence agencies and police's karnaamas! Everyone knows these agencies and their work ethics in general. But how many know about this dark and horrible world of so many gangs of lecherous characters?? Not so many! Are they using all these technologies to curb crimes and tackle terror problems? Really? Who knows? Probably they do like this:

Watch women in their homes, what they are wearing and what not! 
And write like above post. Who can prove anything?? Such a general post na!?!

Saint's Overall Game! WAH! WHAT A SUNSHINE LIFE!!

Dark web, complex wires, so much tech. at hand, hovering over the private space of people. What is privacy? What are human rights? This is known as creating (oops! tackling) terror (entrapping gals/women)! I do wonder about women who are supporting such saints!?! Oops! These saints are just telling " Live in caves else dogs outside (even inside home) are watching and writing and "enjoying" women's bodies!! "Cow-milk filter fed"! "Revealing clothes"! "Pulsating petals"!  "Earth water, seed growth"! "Miyan-biwi sleeping on different beds"! "Hizda"! "Same Payzama"! .... And "Unlimited Live Khujhraaho" of so-called intelligent people's "intelligence agencies" and helping gangs. 

I wrote on FB in only for me "Saali, tit! bit! pit species!"
And how anyone can compare this simple post with this one:

Some concerned people are also watching this drama from a bit too close range! They are also writing their own perceptions, analysis and if I am not wrong then corrective measures.

YES SIR! Probably, I would not be able to prove "all these dirty pictures" of "HIGHLY CIVILIZED AND CULTURED INDIANS"! PROBABLY! BUT I am sure about my optimism and results. I am not short-sighted and have patience to overcome such probabilities!!

For general public and especially for those who are anyhow, anyway are on some lil-bit chair, in limelight, an irritant to any authority or government, dissent, journalist, activist, know something you should not and especially the ones who do not know how to bow down in front of a dictator and BDW if happen to be the women with any of these characteristics or anyhow or somehow related to any of such species.. Koyi bach gaya kya? Well, Welcome to The PK's world! We are living in a naked world!... Hindi main bloe to "Is Hamaam main sab nagaa hai"!! 

खिड़कियाँ ऐसी सबके घर हैं
सबके ऑफीस और बाहर हैं
और इनमें से ताकते-झाँकते
ऐसे लोग भी हर जगह हैं!!
Now what type and how many types of windows are there, I know lil-bit about that, much is still to know.

Ornamental Pieces of Great Democracies!!

Got another love letter on 20th July, 2015 from this wonder commission of India known as National Commission for Women, Delhi AGAINST MY RTI REPLY! The letter says, we have sent the reminder letter to the concerned authorities against your complaint AFTER A YEAR to the "wrong address WILLINGLY". We had to do this as you have gone public about "our love for women rights"! 

This is THE BEST WAY WE KNOW TO DELAY AND DRAG CASES AND PLAY SWEET POLITICS and that is why FAKE COMMISSIONS LIKE US ARE MERE ORNAMENTAL PIECES; our so-called democratic governments have to show off to the world! You know we are a GREAT Democracy!! 
Will write about Human Rights Commission in some other post.