Monday, October 5, 2015

What Happened to All Issues???

Paani bharne gaye... ;)
Well, studies going on at surveillance effects on human being... err experienced talk and walk actually. The dangerous effects, where even so-called bold persons cannot behave themselves!
Attention can be diverted very well from main issues. One can be tamed and maimed well. Police know third degree not just at the physical level but with the help of surveillance can apply well that at mental torture. The torture you cannot show easily and even express well, the way it happened. 
Most answers related to surveillance are there in books or internet. At experience level, the ugliest effect I felt was not at the level of internet but watching eyes through skies. And so little is there about that online or "most probably" still I did not hit the right direction. I am more interested in these waves...

It seems, since I tried to know these waves, my life has become a bit too wavy! Duhhh
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