Thursday, November 26, 2015

Kanta Laga!?!... 2

First lemme introduce you to some more characters, involved in this crime directly or indirectly. It includes some people from University (teaching as well as non-teaching) as well as outside University. From India to Japan to.....
Then there are many in special watchzone/media also.
List the way I know them:
Highly poisonous to some mild poisonous species:

Highly Manipulative Species:

Media People:

Special WatchZone:

Some people in above list/s directly or indirectly helped me... A special thanks to them!

I personally like many in this list due to their work but wonder on times where they stand in this case? Probably not just India's but World's worst public lynching by misusing surveillance where so many people including some well-known personalities are involved directly or indirectly!

Came to know today is India's Constitution Day? What constitution protectors say in this case? Is it allowed under Indian Constitution? Haryana government is involved totally! Wonder if Indian government is a silent supporter in this dirty game?

This post will continue...

Monday, November 9, 2015


To all the fairies, fiery/s, thinktanks, opinion shapers, rebels, lighthouse to future, leaders, mentors, guardians and custodians, protectors and reservoir houses of healthy/toxic environment, rebels and whistleblowers, friends, foes and frenemies, lovers and haters, fellow bloggers and sweet or sour readers...

Especially to "MY PATAKAAS AND DHAMAKAAS"... These people keep on cracking crackers day by day here and there... :)
Who are these people?  List is long. There are new additions day by day... Would like to meet some face to face, shortly. 

Kaanta Laga!?!... 1

For people who could not get this article:

"It is the job of the state to implement the rule of law and not of the individual."

A person who says I am not political. Aah! Walk and talk so different! Truth is he is not just political but believes more in poly-tricks. This party or that, such "autocrats" know well how to get the best/vested interests!?! Well, short-sightedness, I guess. Such poly tricks may fire back. Make your own assumptions or perception about this article. More in next post...