Monday, February 29, 2016

Indian Intelligence Agencies "adda of ayashi"?

Should  regret, chances I did not take?  
Were there some own defined reservations
Limits or some social conditioning were so intense
What was that did not allow to cross some lines?

Are you so much sexually regressive (Said by some tekedaar)
That so-called boyfriends became
Mere dry lab experiments
And washed out the wetology of ecology?

Are sanskaari corrupts so much amused
By  Apne haath Jagannath, Kharcha na charcha?
And friends said rightly
“Saali, badnaam bhi huyi to baigar khaye piye!”
(Wo bhi khate-pite logon ke haathon!)

Sanskaaris thought one would consider the offer
By Sanskaari  GundaRaj 
To become “The Other” of that tharkee
To save self from the furious vengeance?

Was the decision to take this panga was bad
 To stop this culture jihad  by online Khapdharis?
They take the tekedaari of others lives and decide
Whom one can date and whom one can mate?

The sick creatures can suppress couples
Teenagers, adults even in their 20s, 30s and 40s
And can dictate their sickening orders on them?
Can blackmail couples to make them chamchas and kadchaas?

If tekedaars can do so much publically by abusing their powers
Then why should not every right thinking person
Must take the tekka to save gen next constitutional rights
By shunning these so-called sanskaaris, better word vyabhicharis!

Some people wanted to be famous at whatever cost
Kinda “Badnaam honge toh kya naam na hoga”
Let's tell these boastful lecherous shouters
Hoga ji Hoga! Bilkul Hoga! Saare Jahan Main Hoga!

My beloved country’s intelligentsia has been exploited
And tax payer’s hard earned money has been misused
The constitution of my country has been burned by goondas
Publically and noisily! BUT QUESTION IS with the support of whom?

They are violating daily so many people’s fundamental rights
And still call themselves Deshbhakts?
So many people are on spy satellites, radars and wiretapped
For what? Country's security or Ayaashi by some goons?

Wonder, if Indian Intelligence agencies are "adda of ayashi"?

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bird's Eye View!

Changes in the pic by manipulative experts!

Bird's Eye View! Mobile's View! Internet View! CCTV's and much more!
All these screenshots have been edited on my laptops, PC and pics even on mobile!
And then either they have been deleted or kept private by these people with the full support of police!

All this is not just about one gal but this game of "social illegal tekedaari" has been going on here and there! I have been hounded because I started leaking out this game publically!

When witch hunt starts, then check how a so-called top-cop of her institute (In their own words) becomes a prey for these very intelligent predators! Why?
One can find answer to some extent, in this post's title (चढ़ाई क्यूं थी ?) Kinda अब मज़ा चख! After my complaint!
Date has been changed of this post by intelligent people! from Jan. 2015 to 2016!

and blog  (WriterCop Blog)

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Shitty Creatures Daily Intrusions!

Bolti tasveeren...
Of my day by day activities, happenings or mishappenings!

Wait for more such pics with ditto copies or explanations from far away places! Till then can you guess what the heck is all this?

Shitty World of Surveillance!!

Living in a world...

Where so many eyes are watching you
So many ears are listing each and every word of you
So many heads are making a picture of you from that
Scattering the pieces from "their crafting" 
Here and there
Somehow, you ceased to exist? 
Who are you?

You start thinking
What type of heinous criminals are these?
Who go to people's private spaces
And talk about all that shit
You could not even image one can talk!
People can talk and discuss the disgust 
So normally!
And can even post the same!
Am I from so sensitive zone?
Or people do not know what is being civil?
From murmur in your tummy to periods
From music of passing urine 
From bathroom to people's bedroom
What type of civilization
This shitty surveillance has created?
What type of Ugly Creatures are these?
And what type of society 
You are living in!

To Shitty World of Surveillance!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lets Be A Party to An Organized Murder...

Fully Supported and Sponsored by Indian State!!

In August 2014, I had complained to then DGP, Haryana, against this Goonda Raj and his gang! I did the complaint almost after two and half years of understanding of his play of twists and turns and dirty tactics. Check that complaint (Here), and the play by this gang after that. More and more issues became part to that targeting. The issue was something in 2012. It has been changed into something else in 2013. Since 2013 last to till now it's something else! In between whatever type of issues this gang could add to this list, they did. This gang's last resort was character assassination, alienate from near and dear ones by creating misunderstandings. This special targeting started after my complaint especially in 2015. They tried to destroy me, their best at both fronts i.e. personal as well as professional. This gang's strength increased with time. The style is typical Khap's land style murders! The difference is it's highly Hi-Tech and too subtle in nature. 

Another interesting thing I noticed is that he awards those, who obey as per his wishes and commands, "even on illegal things". He tries to destroy those who can stand against his wrongs! A highly manipulative species, who knows well how to use (read misuse) government and PR machinery. Do include media please. He knows well how to exploit herd behaviour of people. He knows well, how to exploit people's vulnerability zones. He tries to show himself in the public eyes as a saviour of something, in the form of mass appeal. He started picking people from my own near and dear ones and turned them against me, beyond my understanding! He picked people from all those fields, I liked, read or admired! Jai Ho Surveillance! If you have some enemy and want to teach or destroy then take help from someone like this goonda. Best Form of Revenge and 4th Degree Murder!

When politics and parties get involved in something like this case then you cannot have any kind of hope! Or do you? I have seen the worst kinda politics in this case or probably too naive about this dirty politics and politicians ways! More in next post...

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Twisted Tales!

Twisty words have little effects
So-called Chankya's of today
Stoop so low in power show off
Exposed self, fall in their own trap!

Psychopaths try to twist shamelessly
Own ugliness, against someone else
Sick exposed nuts, twist words like
Psychotherapist, Psyco the rapist!

On that have guts even to drum
And  boast about Bajajs beats!
Wonder! What such people teach
About history, society and Keats!

Faith and determination, gone high
To expose planters crooked designs
Who tried their best to twist facts
Made people fight against each other!

PR machinery worked overtime
Selective hides and selective leaks
Black blanket for ultimate covers
Technology misuse, projected leads!

Strange saga! It is like whatever you will do, say or write will be used against you by twisting, by spreading rumours. The most innocent acts, silly talks even among gal friends or just random writings have been used to create fractions and misunderstandings here and there! Well, such things affect only for short time. After sometime, you learn that this is known as a dirty combination of poly tricks and politics. 
Example of some interesting and silly twisted tales: I was watching closely Bihar elections and uploaded some video of crackers after Nitish win. I came to know later, that video had been projected by someone against someone else. I did not even know what the hell was going there. Many such things happened after that and are continuous till now. Now I enjoy such twists and pity the twisters and planters! 

Coolest thing happened due to this blog and my stand against misuse of surveillance is more awareness about surveillance. I remember the days, when I had to make efforts even to my people and friends that whatever I was saying was real. Now even common people know what the heck is happening on the name of surveillance. Many thanks to people who are working at that front for the betterment of society and helped me to understand things better.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Surveillance Viruses!

People can be identified by their words and writings. Surveillance viruses/"sanskaari creatures" writings say: 

Some are like unhygienic flies 
Their words roam around 
Others kitchens and toilets

Some are like mosquitoes
Buzz beyond your eye zone
Spread disease with bites

Some are like bull dogs
Always try to tame pups
Keep on doing gur-gur

Some are like pedophiles
Just need excuses to talk
Porn actresses and sex

Some are lecherous Toms
Keep on roaming and talk 
Others too private zones

Some are like poisons
Keep on spreading the poison
Of their ugly mind's designs!