Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spying Mess? Security Leaks? Or Worst Irresponsible Misuse of Power!

Spy list has been indicated till now:

By Mr. Rajbir Deswal:
Bird's Eye view, kinda Microsoft's Bird Eye View, kinda google's earth... bole to satellite.
From perching on the highest tree branch to 20-story building kinda some tall tower nearby.
Wiretap, Mirrors, Reflections, Refractions and blah, blah, blah
And this is True!

Prof. Rajiv Lohchan:
Control height visibility... hmmm too close to earth!
If people cannot handle professionally, give control to us... Duhh!
Ear plugs
Cut in water pipes at two places
Rail water and blah, blah, blah

Sanjiv Bhatt, IPS:
Satellite (control room nuclear power plant pic) and indirect hit on Prof Rajiv Lohchan "RSS leaked"
Now RSS dumbs will handle........ blah, blah, blah... Duhh!

Principal Bhupender:
Electric pole in front of my home (seems, too near to upstairs study room window, where I loved to sit many hours daily; the room I loved most in my home. 

Many other people:
From ear plugs to radars, drones, from top water tank to hidden CCTVs here and there.   
It seems top water tank story has been manufactured much later to hide the facts as I also searched for different types of radars including surface and sea. Prof. Rajiv Lohchan's two cuts in water pipes were just to tell about my surrounding like he did so many other time with detailed explanations of my home and surrounding area time to time?!

Mr. Hemant Atri's visit to Tamilnadu, special puja and different types of commentary here and there.

People in this special project: Large No.!

Reasons: Hooda Government's...... blah, blah, blah interest

PGI, MDU were the special target. Someone (I) was not the real target.

To....... She is the target as all parties are one saving whom? National Security? Really? Their own vested interests! For them "Desh Jaaye Ghaash Charne"... kyunki jo dikhta hai, wo hota ni aur jo hota hai wo dikhta ni! 

So many such kukurmutta's are there in the sky and people related to security know about them a bit too well than these details. I read in many articles including some recent one that in Western countries even private companies and educational institutes own so many so-called satellites. Do check their range of visibility. Search google God.

Bhejh Do Ab Jail.... Wahan ki hawa khane ke liye ready hoon!
Someone said rightly "Maa Tujhe Salaam" music ke shaukeen deshdrohi nahi balki "Mere desh ki dharti sona ugle misuse" for vote banks are! Wait for some other post, in another blog on this type of music, including childhood fav. Manoj Kumar and nationalism.

Oh yeah! I do not take orders to prove my nationalism, especially to get any such certificate from people who have nothing else to do than to issue unnecessary fatwas here and there.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

They Tried Cold Blooded Murder!

Feb. 2012, probably 13th or 14th Feb. 2012 and added this worst criminal in my FB profile. I rarely add unknown people to my profile but added this Goonda, so-called CID IG in my FB list. I did not know then that one single addition can be so dangerous for my life! I did not know then that in that police uniform predators roam around! 
Story, kept on changing tracks, twists and turns but this goon gang did not leave me. When I looked back on many of his posts it was like even in Nov. or Dec. 2011 he wrote some posts from my life! Now it's confirmed, he did! 
I myself baffled about things, turns and twists; the way they happened! Even more baffling were the facts, why someone/people needed so much power and a state's might to crush a women who was just none in front of them! And with time came across stories after stories! Strange aspects people who stalked her like hell and harassed day and night had not guts even to face her face to face and tell simple truths! Rather people tried to hide the truth and blocked each and every channel, wherever I tried to know the matter. Whatever I came to know was through metaphors only, here and there. They sent messengers to her to pacify, to blackmail, to terrorise! 
They searched, analysed, cut into pieces each and every info. about her they could! Was she some terrorist? They tried to defame me the worst way they could. Probably, they were looking for some sexual encounters which they could not get! Pity! The simple purpose for that was to make them viral on internet so that she would do suicide. When nothing such happened, they made her beautiful home a hell of kinda living ghosts. This person started telling her that he was watching her in all naked forms, from bathroom to bedroom. This goonda gang wrote the worst they could! They threw away pieces of my body wherever they felt like. Sadly, she did not do suicide but complained to whoever she could! This goon gang tried to blackmail her on such cases or issues where if she had any role than nothing but positive. One after other (Earlier Congress, Hooda Gov. and now BJP, Khattar) government bosses helped these goons! To do ayashi (Some called that muse; to worst kinda abuse) publically and with government support. People need to have some power-points with self and do whatever you wanna do! 

I gave away the case to media persons. They are writing the same way these goons were writing... Metaphorically! 
Enjoy!... The meta world! We are living in great world!

Friday, March 25, 2016

देखी जड़ों की घहराई!!

पूर्वा के दामन पे दाग घहरे हैं
किसी को पश्चिम बनाना पड़ा
चौबीस पहर ठिकरी पहरा बिठाना पड़ा!

देखी जड़ों की घहराई
जैसे घास हो उगाई
देखी पूर्वा की पवित्रता
जिसे साबित करने के लिए
किसी को पश्चिम बनाना पड़ा
चौबीस पहर ठिकरी पहरा बिठाना पड़ा!

नौच डाला अंग अंग
भेड़ियों के भीहड़ ने?
चिर फाड़ कर डाला
आत्मा का...
हर एक कण कण
भेड़ियों के भीहड़ ने?

बैठे हैं प्रहरी यहाँ
जो कहते हैं खुद को 
रखवाले संस्कृति के!
विकृत है दिमाग़ उनके
ज़ुबान मत खोलना
वरना मारे जाओगे!
जो आह भी निकली तो
पागल करार दिए जाओगे!

जितना ज्यादा चिलाओगे
उतने ही रोंदे जाओगे
पूर्वा के दामन पे दाग घहरे हैं
पश्चिम पर ठिकरी पहरे हैं!

खेलते हैं वो क्रिकेट
तो कभी फूटबाल
भावनाओ से, रिश्तो से
पूर्वा के दामन पे दाग घहरे हैं
किसी को पश्चिम बनाना पड़ा
चौबीस पहर ठिकरी पहरा बिठाना पड़ा

वो पश्चिम हुआ ना वश में
फँश गये अपने ही चक्कर में
जितना ज्यादा चकरवयूह चलाया
उतना ही ज़्यादा
खुद का ही विकृत रूप दिखाया
सुना है पाँच साल का ठिकरी पहरा
आज है रंग लाया! सच में!

बस ये मत पूछना
उन रंगों ने कितने बदरगो को है छुपाया!!
पूर्वा के दामन पे दाग घहरे हैं
पश्चिम पर ठिकरी पहरे हैं! 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Apple and Singhara!

When some interest from somewhere was "in the air" then hue and cry was no! No! Totally opposite personalities.  No chance even to think! Beyond some close friends and cousin's commentaries, one interesting joke was by someone:

A father asked: What would you like to take? Apple, blackberry...
And the response came was Singhara!

And Singhara was out even before any serious thinking (2013)! Taken care well, by psycho/s  +logy and Congress! Oh! Not to forget Raj goons gang! And that was how apple picture resurfaced day by day and became the talk point of the same gang... bole to Rajshah gang/Congress +Pshychos! Same! Shame people! I mean same shameless people's gang... Satta Nayi Gang! They have speciality in shake ups, make ups, break ups, kids production house, torture camp, lynching, peeping-Tomism, shaming, taming, cold-blooded "so called honour" killings in the form of provoking people to do suicides and much more! They do not spare adults/kids/students and call themselves Sanskaaris! Since 2014 Bhaynkar-Sanskaaris (BJP/RSS) have also become an open party to this saga!

On this pretext, their main work is something else... "Hidden agenda"!

Symptoms: They are found nearby some special chairs, good at PR and are well linked across parties!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fraud Railway's Windows/Sky Eyes!

All types of frauds become nill in front of these Raj Gang's Windows:

Kitchen window:
From Queen of Satires... ;)

Bathroom Windows! 

BedRoom Windows!

Blah! Blah! Blah Windows!

This is "Special Railway's Special Bridge":

Leaks Here and Leaks There!
So Secure Leaks!
Under Total Security!
Ballon Leaks!
Bridges Leak!!

 Tools of policia/intelligentsia gang's research!
Where humans are not humans but their guinea pigs and dead bodies!

Baap of All Frauds!!
And see who is saying what:
"Ab Hum Nayay Karenge!"
Biggest Criminal!

Raj Fiction? 
Or High Tech Crime???
New Age Special Window's Worst Crime!!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Ab Hum Nayay Karenge!

Now where is the need for any judges and courts?
So many illegal Kangaroo Courts and Tekedaars are there in our society! 

Face has been removed but I know people still can guess whose pic has been removed from here!

Strange call! No number, no light in phone, no ring tone! A strange tone somewhat like busy tune!

And I came to know with time that some research was going on at policia gang level.
Now when I look back I can connect each and every thread...
Amaltash story took another turn by the end of 2013 and slowly slowly has been twisted to xyz!
Wait for Next Post...

Friday, March 4, 2016

Ugly Heights!

Rightists people's rightist ways are underway... 
Here and there and everywhere; wherever they can!

Social-Engineering Underway? 

Or Just Ugly minds Misusing tech. by forgetting all sense of civilization?

Will add more posts to this..
Students, surrounding, friends, couples, married people...
From this part of India to that!
Goons wrote about so many in such a disgusting way, one can only slap hard such creatures!
I will try my best to hide people's identity.

I wonder about people who say it's serious business!
It's about national security??
And the one who is telling, what the heck is happening, is anti-national!
I would love to be called anti-national than such a sickening nationalism!
What are we going to give to out next gen.?
Such kinda more predators!

We are living in amazing times, indeed!
Naked world of surveillance and ugly designers!

Correct grammar, good English and suit-boot don't always mean the person is gentle! 
I have come across, some such people; who are worst kinda Dareende! Few of them are in above posts.