Sunday, November 6, 2016

Pen Is Mightier Than Sword

You believe in science
You believe in faith
You believe in instinct
You believe in guts
You believe in dreams
You believe in miracles
You live by heart
You think by brain
You love solitude
You are not so-social
You daydream
And like an owl
Wake up weird hours
And write up in the night
Your words hurt the system
They perplex the status-quo
Swirl around power crazy thugs
Your crazy curiosity leads to leaks
Intelligence people spy-on you
Defense corrupt generals chain you
And put under 24hr surveillance
They torture, break up, shake up
Cage and tear-down all known civility
To help their own vested interests
Irony! On the name of country!
And dare to threat you to keep shut
Else they will finish everything belongs to you
What else your world can be darling?
You attract science people, defense people
Around the world...
You challenge mighty state power
And you believe you can live with peace
By creating such a thundering storm?!

Pen taught to sword time and again
You cannot kill my voice 
Pen is mightier than the sword
Wonder on times, if pen generally evokes sword to impose emergency? 

I guess each and every person under any kinda threat of emergency or emergency like situation feels like... I am already living in the Pakistan of generals and dictators. Bhakatgan sach kahte the tumhe Pakistan bhejh denge! 
They have already created a Pakistan within my India... ;) :(