Sunday, December 31, 2017


The way our police works, please click on the link:
Policia-Nama (Policia is a highly derogatory term)
This video seems programmed still it shows the nexus well.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thekedaars Created Pollution by Corrupt Corrosive Minds

शब्द! अर्थ! अनर्थ! तर्क! कुतर्क! कुछ भी!

How about sacrificing women for producing a child?
How about diverting rivers path for filling sukhna lake?
Then why to fear if ill prepared for river's overflowed rage?
Look into the "same-mirror" who really disturbed the nature?

How about witch-hunt game for poly-tics gamble?
How about misusing military for own whim's sake?
How about finishing anyone trying to know the facts?
How about removing anyone raising questions unafraid?

How about patriarchal mindset that hates independent women?
How about crushing anyone who did not allow policia-advances?
Who is responsible for trying to kill bonds, peace, love, and faith?
Then why to fear your own created ambiance of distrust and hate?

Nature is not your laboratory, cannot live in your enforced jail
The dams, diverted rivers paths for filling your artificial lakes
The murder of natural fauna and flora by "current" for ugly sake 
The bridges designed for poaching, what will produce if not tragedies? 

It can happen only in India... 
People are great weavers from policias, defense, civil (so-called people managers) to real poly-tics to misusing aspiring politicians and total unemployed nikkammas especially from villages. All types of chamchas and kadchas from here and there. 
The real criminals today are not those who started it for whatever reasons but authorities and people in power, who allowed it for so long for their own vested interests; to hide their own crimes... The Thekedaars!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Raj behind Some Raaz

Raj behind Raaz: Stupids/cunning and shrewd sheeps set agendas here and herd keep following them.

Governments which cannot provide clean drinking water to most of its population, food, clothes and roof, even half day electricity in worst summers in villages, competitive well-equipped schools, and hospitals to poor, employment to youths, keep talkin all kinda shit. They protect all kinda criminals and keep friendly terms with all kinda crooks; be they are in civil or defense. They lynch and murder innocents and take away even basic human rights of people at their whims. Most media houses are their own. Most ugly protests are their own creations for their own set of agendas. "Yahan jo hota hai wo dikhta nahi aur jo dikhta hai wo hota nahi."

Whom they target? Whoever can dare to question them or raise voice against them.

This will gonna be a series of posts starting from Anna Andolan (had already written way back, few years back in some blog. First implant DPR MDU Mr. Sunit Mukherjee and PR PGI, Ms. Seema Dahiya (so-called cousin of Mrs. Asha Hooda), the first stalker/spy, I could guess. Being secretary MDUTA, the meeting with Mrs. Asha Hooda, then CM Hooda's wife; I wasn't even interested to meet, the way things changed drastically after becoming Secretary MDUTA. Patriarchal mindset of some of MDUTA members and the way they tried to frustrate a women secretary, the University gangster kinda Prof/s and the way a specific group in the University started targeting me. Literal dirty politics of crooks, the way I could understand it in these last few years through all trial and tribulations...

People behind cameras in my home: Most names are already roaming even in students registers (!) to people's verbal conversations, some Hooda MLA and his goons names. Who are their protectors?

I die or live doesn't matter much but the truth must be out.

Monday, January 9, 2017

सत्ता का नशा-Deja-Vu (Ugliest Form)

आओ जासूस-जासूस खेलें
आओ करें चिंदीयाँ-चिंदीयाँ 
चलो शुरू हो जाओ...

Receivers, Transmitters
GPS trackers
लगा दो गुंडे पीछे
टंकी-पाइप से पनडुबईयाँ चलाओ
या लाइट्स में फिट करो कैमरे

शुरू करो चीड़-फाड़
पुर्जा-पुर्जा कर डालो
काट डालो शरीर को
tit-bit-pit में

"Deja-vu" चलने दो 
कॅमरा ड्रोन्स घूमाओ या Stratobus
24-घंटे लाइफ लिव-ऑन करो
Mobiles, laptops, projectors पे 

सलामत ना रह जाए
इंच भर भी कहीं कोई
बाल-बाल उधेड़ डालो
ओपन हार्ट सर्जरी करो
करो दिमाग़ के टुकड़े-टुकड़े

सारा का सारा कॉल 
और इंटरनेट डाटा
शब्दशब्द उधेड़ डालो
बाल की खाल शायद
यूँ ही तो निकलती है

बहने दो लावा सा खून
उतरने दो जलेबियाँ
यूरिन वाला म्यूज़िक सूनाओ
बना डालो ज़िंदा लाश
या बाकी है अभी कुछ?

Files रोक डालो यहाँ-वहाँ
सप्लाइ वॉटर में डलवओ मल-मु
माली, स्वीपर सब भगा डालो
एक कदम ना हिलने डुलने दो
जड़ कर डालो, खाक कर डालो

घर-परिवार, रिस्ते-नाते
दोस्त, सहकर्मी-स्टूडेंट्स
पर्सनल-प्रोफेशनल रेकॉर्ड
सब तहस-नहस कर डालो

इतनी चिंदीयाँ कर डालो
जो कोई  जोड़ना भी चाहे
तो जुड़ेंगी भला वो कैसे
जल्दी से कूच कर जाओ 
हो जाने दो यहाँ खाक

आख़िर पता तो चले
क्या होती हैं कुर्शियाँ
क्या होती है वर्दियाँ
सत्ता का नशा
सितारों का अहम
आम-आदमी का वहम!? 

Demons In-Vitro Engineering

Welcome to Crooks Engineering
Their perfect world of choicest clones
Let's cut a body into a thousand pieces
Throw away those pieces into internet zone
Break that person into a billion pieces
And then reshuffle as per your choices

Welcome to demons in-vitro zone
Highly ambitious greedy poly-tics
Wanna be Super-Duper Cops
And thekedaars of others life
Live life as per their wishes else...